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The 10 Best Gun Safes

Responsible gun ownership and secure storage go hand in hand in today’s society. The days of proudly displaying weapons in cabinets with glass doors are long gone. Instead, gun owners are choosing gun safes to store their weapons out of sight and away from dangers like burglars and inquisitive kids. In addition to being a wise decision, having secure storage for firearms in your house may be mandated by law in some locations.

Gun safes are available in a range of sizes to suit diverse requirements. From small-footprint variants built to store only one pistol for easy access in an emergency to enormous vaults big enough to carry entire collections of long firearms like shotguns and rifles. Although no safe is completely resistant, the best ones are designed to thwart all but the most adept of burglars, and they all successfully keep guns out of the hands of unattended youngsters. Additionally, safes can provide protection from fire damage, giving your firearms a chance to survive a house fire.

To make the best decision, keep a few important considerations in mind as you browse gun safes. These are some enquiries to make:

How many firearms can it hold, exactly?
Interior: Can the interior be altered to fit a variety of weapons and accessories?
Security: How resistant to break-ins is the safe?
Accessibility: In the event of an emergency, how quickly can you get to your firearms?
Will the safe survive fire damage and safeguard your firearms?
This thorough list, which includes the best 10 gun safes available, has been put together to help you discover the ideal gun safe.


Hornady RAPiD Vehicle Gun SafeBest for Cars:

Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe
Best for Cars:
Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe
  • Multiple methods of entry
  • Big enough for a 4-inch barreled revolver
  • Sleek and low-profile
  • California compliant
  • No interior lighting
  • Easily visible to someone looking inside

A dependable option for transporting duty-size or smaller handguns securely when unattended or when leaving your weapon in your car or truck is the Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe. You can quickly access this automobile gun safe to make sure you’re always ready for any circumstance.

Technology for Instant Access using RFiD
With its unique RFiD technology, the Hornady vehicle gun safe provides the quickest access possible to your handguns while you’re driving. Using the wristband, key fob, or stickers that are provided, this ground-breaking method instantly opens the safe with touch-free entry. Your weapon is nearby when you need it, so there’s no need to search for keys or codes anymore.

Simple installation and specialised fit
The Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe fits securely between the console and seat without requiring any alterations to your car, making installation a breeze. The safe’s design smoothly adapts to the curve of the vehicle, ensuring a flawless fit without sacrificing looks. A neoprene cover also safeguards the finishes of your car.

Multiple Entry Techniques
This automobile gun safe features backup entry techniques in addition to RFiD technology for extra convenience. Alternative methods for rapidly and securely accessing your firearm include a mechanical key and digital keypad. Regardless of the available power source, the 12-volt automobile adapter and battery power assure 24/7 safe and efficient gun storage.

Observance and Security
The Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe surpasses ASTM International criteria for kid and pry resistance, which is crucial for safety. Additionally, it has California DOJ approval, giving you the assurance that your firearm is stored sensibly and safely.

Dimensions & Details
The Rapid Vehicle Safe has outside measurements of 12 x 6.4 x 2.2 inches and an inside dimension of 7.5 x 5.6 x 1.7 inches. Smaller guns and ordinary 4-inch barrelled handguns fit inside this safe with ease. You’ll have everything you need for secure handgun storage on the fly with the package that includes the Rapid Vehicle Safe, wristband, key fob, (2) decals, (2) circular barrel keys, a heavy-duty 1500 lb. steel lock-down security wire, and a 12V automobile adaptor.


Vaultek MXi Wi-Fi and Biometric Safe High Capacity Handgun SafeBest for Pistols

VAULTEK MXi Wi-Fi and Biometric Safe
Best for Pistols
VAULTEK MXi Wi-Fi and Biometric Safe
  • Biometric and keypad opening
  • Modular interior
  • WiFi function sends tampering, temperature, and other alerts
  • No fire protection

The VAULTEK MXi Wi-Fi and Biometric Safe is a cutting-edge option for handgun storage in the modern digital age, where convenience and security go hand in hand. This high-capacity smart safe is a top option for gun owners who value convenience and safety since it combines cutting-edge technologies, tough design, and simple accessibility.

Wi-Fi connectivity for in-the-moment observation
Strong Wi-Fi connectivity is one of the MXi safe’s unique characteristics. utilising the WiFi app or online web dashboard, you may remotely operate and monitor your safe utilising this smart technology from any location. View real-time safe data, check battery life, keep an eye on the history log, and even keep tabs on interior humidity and temperature. When a safe action occurs, such as tampering, impacts, or door opens, the safe immediately sends alerts to your smartphone, giving you the most recent information on the security of your valuables.

High Performance and Tough Design
Up to eight handguns, magazines, passports, cash, EDC goods, and other stuff can fit inside the VAULTEK MXi. Its adaptability enables attaching to nightstands or other immovable items using the included mounting hardware and pre-drilled holes, making it a safe addition to your bedroom, office, or closet. The safe’s solid 12-gauge steel door and 14-gauge carbon steel body are made with corrosion-resistant powder coat to provide long-lasting security.

Various Access Methods for Speedy Entry
There are several quick and convenient entry options available with the MXi safe. Authorised users may easily enter the safe thanks to a large, high-resolution biometric scanner that can store up to 20 different fingerprints. It also has manual keys, a Smart Key Nano, an auto-illuminating 8-digit keypad with a built-in proximity sensor, and other access options. For enhanced security, the automatic opening door enables quick access to your valuables, papers, and firearm(s).

Rechargeable Battery and Interior Customization
A rechargeable lithium-ion backup battery is included with the MXi safe, giving standby power for up to 3–4 months without the need to plug the safe in. With the accompanying micro-USB charging kit, the battery can be fully charged in just 3.5 hours. You can change the area to suit your demands thanks to the modular interior’s pull-out height-adjustable shelf, high-density foam Twin Pistol Rack, and ambient LED internal illumination.


Stack On GCWB-10-5-DS 10 Gun Security CabinetBest Under $500

Stack-On 10 Gun Compact Steel Security Cabinet
Best Under $500
Stack-On 10 Gun Compact Steel Security Cabinet
  • Low price
  • Light weight makes it easy to move and install yourself
  • Deters kids and casual thieves
  • No fire protection
  • Not California compliant
  • Will not stop skilled burglars

The Stack-On 10-Gun Compact Steel Security Cabinet provides a dependable and effective answer to the need for secure storage of guns, which is a requirement of responsible gun ownership. Ten long guns, each measuring up to 52 inches tall, can be safely stored in this gun safe. It guarantees the security of your personal goods as well as the security of your weaponry.

Solid Design and Improved Security Features
The Stack-On 10-Gun Compact Steel Security Cabinet is made to withstand any attempts at unauthorised access because it is made of sturdy steel. The safe has a double-bitted, key-coded lock and a three-point locking system. The sophisticated locking system makes sure that only authorised people can access the contents. The cabinet has a key lock and a recessed door for enhanced security, allowing easy access for authorised users while retaining excellent protection against theft.

Interior Design for Protection
The internal shelves and the base of the cabinet are padded with foam to guard against any potential harm to your priceless weaponry. This foam padding acts as a shield, lowering the chance that the finishes on your guns will get scratched or marred. Long guns can be arranged along the front walls of the cabinet’s one removable shelf, which attaches to the back of the cabinet for easy storage.

With practical features and a modern design
Barrels rests are a feature of the Stack-On 10-Gun Compact Steel Security Cabinet that not only help organise your firearms but also keep them firmly in place. The safe has a sleek and contemporary appearance thanks to its black finish and chrome accents, making it a great addition to your home or workplace. The cabinet also includes attaching hardware and predrilled anchoring holes for simple installation and increased stability.

Dimensions and Specifications
The Stack-On 10-Gun Compact Steel Security Cabinet is small enough to fit in a variety of settings while yet providing a lot of storage space. It weighs 61 pounds and measures 13.5″D x 17″W x 53″H. The safe offers secure storage for your collection of firearms and can accommodate 10 long guns that are up to 52″ tall.


Steelwater Extreme Duty 45 Long GunBest for Long Guns

NEW and IMPROVED E.M.P Proof Steelwater Heavy Duty 45 Long Gun
Best for Long Guns
Steelwater Heavy Duty 45 Long Gun
  • Good value in a high-end product
  • Somewhat lighter than comparable safes
  • Large drill plate in door protects more of the safe from burglar tool attacks
  • Expensive
  • Difficult to move

You need a gun safe that offers the best defence against all risks when it comes to securing your priceless firearms. The newly improved E.M.P Proof Steelwater Heavy Duty 45 Long Gun Safe is made to provide owners of firearms with unmatched security, fire protection, and accessibility.

Features for Enhanced Security
The E.M.P proof digital keypad with a high-security, double-bitted bypass key is one of the safe’s significant enhancements. You won’t ever have to worry about being locked out of your safe thanks to this cutting-edge locking system. The interior has automatic LED lighting for increased convenience and visibility, making it simple to access your weaponry even in low light. A logo’d door organised kit is also provided to assist you in keeping your possessions neatly organised.

Additionally, this safe has a gear drive system that successfully foils drill, punch, and pry attempts. The gear drive, re-locker, and susceptible portions of the linkages are all protected, in addition to the lock, by the 8X drill-resistant hard plate. Your firearms will be securely stored inside the safe thanks to 20 strong steel locking bolts that are 25% longer than before.

Fire Safety and Stability
The E.M.P Proof Steelwater Heavy Duty Safe, which can resist temperatures of up to 1875 °F for 60 minutes, provides excellent fire protection. This guarantees that even in the event of a fire, your belongings and weaponry will be safe and undamaged. In addition to preventing breakage and warping, the double-sided U-channel steel reinforced top long shelf also keeps your safe in excellent shape for years to come.

Size and design are practical.
This gun safe is roomy enough to house up to 45 long firearms, each measuring up to 39.25 inches in width, with outside dimensions of H72 x W42 x D28 inches. With a height of 68.25 inches and a depth of 21 inches, the inside has plenty of room for your collection of weapons. You can put the safe in a variety of places, including your office, bedroom, or closet, thanks to its freestanding design.

Deliveries and Shipping
Please be aware that this product will be delivered by tractor-trailer and may not be able to reach some locations, including remote islands, areas only accessible by toll bridges, and areas in New York with zip codes beginning in (100-104) and (110-119). Contact us for help if you have any queries or worries regarding the shipping alternatives.


SentrySafe Gun Safe with Digital Keypad Lock

SentrySafe Gun Safe with Digital Keypad Lock
  • This vault does not require batteries like most models of this kind.
  • Most vaults’ locking bolts mechanism can be seen inside the vault when you open the door. You can’t see the mechanism on this one so a thief can’t pop the lock with a paperclip or other object.
  • It does not beep when you press the buttons when it is in silent mode.
  • Not fireproof or waterproof.

Responsible gun ownership requires keeping your handgun safe and accessible. The QAP1E SentrySafe Gun Safe with Digital Keypad Lock is made to offer you a dependable and practical storage option for your typical pistol. Let’s look at the characteristics that make this gun safe a top pick for gun lovers.

Quick and Simple Access
The SentrySafe Gun Safe has a gas strut that makes it possible to open the safe door quickly and soundlessly with just one hand. This characteristic makes it perfect for use as a nightstand gun safe, giving you easy access to your gun in an emergency. The simple and unobtrusive one-handed action means that you may do so without any delays, whether you need to defend your home or just grab your weapon.

Construction of solid steel
Regarding gun safes, security and safety are of the utmost importance. The QAP1E’s strong steel construction offers great strength and resistance to pry attempts. Your firearm will be kept safely stored thanks to the door’s additional layer of security provided by its pry-resistant design. The safe has an override key as a backup entry method and a digital keypad for increased protection.

Small and Usable Design
The SentrySafe Gun Safe is small and versatile, measuring 12.1 inches in width, 9.9 inches in depth, and 3.2 inches in height on the outside. It has enough room inside for one normal pistol, with inside measurements of 9.7 inches wide, 6.7 inches deep, and 2.2 inches high. The safe is made to be functional and simple to use, whether you decide to freestand it or set it on a tabletop.

Recommended Batteries
SentrySafe advises using four top-notch, name-brand, alkaline AA batteries with an expiration date of 8–10 years from the current year in order to assure optimal operation. Choosing the proper batteries for your safe is crucial because generic and rechargeable batteries might not have the lifespan required to support long-term usage.

Trusted and certified
The SentrySafe Gun Safe with Digital Keypad Lock has received California DOJ certification and complies with all firearm safety requirements. Knowing that your safe complies with the necessary laws and offers secure storage for your firearm thanks to this certification gives an added element of trust.


GunVault SV500 – SpeedVault Handgun Safe

GunVault SV500 - SpeedVault Handgun Safe
  • Designed to hold so you can mount it nearly anywhere including in a vehicle.
  • It is equipped with internal lighting so you can see inside the safe.
  • It has a silent mode so the keypad won’t make any noise while you enter the entry code.
  • The white internal light might be too bright for some people’s comfort.
  • The keypad is a little picky. Practice entering your code if you want to get in quicker.

GunVault SV500 – SpeedVault Handgun Safe offers a dependable and effective way to protect your handgun while allowing quick access when needed. Gun safety is of the utmost concern for responsible gun owners. Investigate the characteristics that make this handgun safe a top pick for gun owners.

Secure and compact design
With outside measurements of 6.5 inches in height, 3.5 inches in width, and 13 inches in depth, the GunVault SV500 is small and ideal for a variety of storage places. The interior is large enough to securely store your pistol, measuring 2.75 inches in height, 5.75 inches in width, and 8.5 inches in depth. Its robust design guarantees that your firearm is secured against unauthorised access.

Mountable and impervious to tampering
This pistol safe can be mounted, so you may firmly fasten it to a wall for more security. It has a foam liner that avoids scratches on the finish of your pistol as well as ensuring a tight fit inside the safe. An additional degree of security is offered by the tamper indicator feature, which notifies you of any unauthorised attempts to open the safe.

Practical Features
The GunVault SV500 was made with the user’s comfort in mind. It has an audio and LED low battery indicator to make sure you know when the battery needs to be changed. The safe’s interior courtesy light makes the contents visible, making it simple to find your firearm in poor light. The safe also has California DOJ approval and complies with all relevant requirements for firearm safety.

Access Options for Backup
Although the GunVault SV500’s key lock is its primary way of entry, you won’t have to worry about being locked out in an emergency. The safe comes with a backup override key to give you an extra entryway if necessary. This function makes sure that you can always get to your gun, regardless of whether the battery dies or you lose the main key.

Trustworthy Power Source
One 9V battery is needed to run the GunVault SV500, providing a dependable power source for the safe’s electronic components. The safe does not come with the battery, however it is easily replaceable and widely accessible.



Fort Knox PB4 Personal Pistol Safe
Fort Knox PB4 Personal Pistol Safe
  • Does not use batteries so you can get to your handgun at all times.
    Quiet when opening.
  • Will hold two pistols and extra magazines.
  • The hinges are made of heavy gauge steel so the door can’t be busted off like most safes.
  • Resetting the code can be a little difficult to figure out. Call the company or watch a video to learn how to reset the entry code step-by-step.

The Fort Knox PB4 Personal Pistol Safe is a dependable and durable choice for safeguarding your priceless firearms. This handgun safe, which is specifically made for use in vehicles or concealment in small spaces, provides unmatched security and accessibility. Let’s explore the attributes that distinguish the Fort Knox PB4 as a top pick for gun owners.

Enhanced Accessibility Design
The PB4 handgun safe has a front swing entrance and is deeper than the Fort Knox Auto Pistol Box. When positioned under car seats or in other fast access areas, this design innovation makes access simpler. This pistol safe guarantees that you can quickly access your firearm when you need it most, whether you need secure storage while travelling or at home.

Construction that is Heavy-Duty for Maximum Security
With a 3/16″ plate door and a thick 10-gauge body, the Fort Knox PB4 Personal Pistol Safe offers strong security against unauthorised access. This robust design prevents manipulation and guarantees that your firearms are protected from potential dangers. You may be sure that your firearms are secure thanks to the dependable lock combination.

Numerous Size Options
The Fort Knox PB4 Personal Pistol Safe is available in multiple sizes to accommodate diverse storage requirements. Find the one that offers the most storage capacity while still fitting your prefered location from the available possibilities. This safe may accommodate one or many pistols, depending on your storage needs.

User-friendly and transportable
The Fort Knox PB4 is made to be portable and is simple to relocate from one place to another. Its portable form makes it handy to use whether you need to move it around your home or take it with you when you travel. The safe may be placed wherever it is most needed thanks to the flexible tabletop and freestanding mounting options.

Lifetime Guarantee for Your Mind
Fort Knox is proud of the high calibre and robustness of their goods. They provide a lifetime warranty on the PB4 Personal Pistol Safe as a result. You may rest easy knowing that your investment is secure thanks to this warranty.


Hornady 98150 Security Rapid Gun Safe

Hornady 98150 Security Rapid Gun Safe
  • Can be opened with the RFID bracelet, RFID card, or key fob that are included. It comes with three RFID bracelets.
  • It is much easier to program than other models.
  • Opens with your gun holstered for a quicker draw, so you are ready to fire within seconds.
  • It opens slower than you would expect from a quick access vault. You could help the lid up with your hand to speed up the process.
  • The wristband isn’t sensitive enough. Try all the methods of unlocking to see which one works best for you.

The Hornady 98150 Security Rapid Gun Safe, a ground-breaking idea in gun safety that blends accessibility with first-rate safety and security components. With this cutting-edge safe, you may access your firearms with the utmost ease and security while enjoying incomparable convenience.

Innovative RFID Technology for Quick Access
The Hornady 98150 Security Rapid Gun Safe is the first product of its kind to offer fast access using patent-pending Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Get rid of fumbling with keys and battling combination locks. Place the RFID bracelet, card, or key fob that is included over the reader, and the Rapid safe will automatically open and present your firearm. When you need your firearm the most, you may quickly and easily obtain it thanks to cutting-edge technology.

Superior Building for Maximum Security
When it comes to keeping firearms, safety must always come first, and the Hornady 98150 Security Rapid Gun Safe makes no exceptions. This safe, which is made of enduring aluminium and offers strong protection for your handguns, will give you piece of mind knowing that they are safe and out of the reach of unauthorised users.

Versatile Design with User-Friendly Features
User convenience was taken into consideration when designing the Hornady 98150 Security Rapid Gun Safe. It is simple to position in numerous settings, such beneath your bed, under a drawer, or in a closet, thanks to its small size of 15.5 x 9 x 3.5 inches. The safe’s lightweight design further enhances its portability and makes it simple for you to transfer it anywhere you need it.

Excellent for Men and Women
The safe is appropriate for all owners of firearms, regardless of gender, thanks to its streamlined and contemporary design and user-friendly RFID technology. The Hornady 98150 Security Rapid Gun Safe provides an easy-to-use and safe storage option, regardless of whether you are an experienced gun enthusiast or a first-time gun owner.

Manufacturer’s Warranties Provide Additional Security
The performance and quality of Hornady’s goods are guaranteed. You can have additional peace of mind knowing that your investment is safeguarded since the 98150 Security Rapid Gun Safe is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty as a sign of their trust.


Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe Quick Access Electronic Pistol Security Box

  • Solid – The product has a solid build that can withstand some punishment
  • Easy To Access – You can identify the first keypad and punch in the combination in the dark
  • No-Scratch Design – The barrel pegs are coated with foam, so they won’t scratch the barrels of your handguns
  • Not Quiet – The buttons emit a beep when you press them
  • Wait After Every Press – You have to wait about half a second between each button press

The Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe, built with the best features for quick access to your firearms, is the best way to keep your handguns safe, protected, and easily accessible. This freshly created safe has space for two more pistols lying flat on the floor in addition to keeping three of your favourite firearms in the ready position. The interior of the safe is lined with high-density foam with an emphasis on security and safety, offering your priceless firearms the best protection from scratches and damage.

Unparalleled Security Options
The Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe’s robust steel door is intelligently recessed from the frame, adding an additional layer of security. This safe has an extraordinarily high level of pry resistance in addition to its incredible thickness and strong latch strength, making it practically hard to open without authorisation. You may relax knowing that your weapons are always protected.

DOJ of California approval
The California Department of Justice (DOJ) has granted the Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe its seal of approval, attesting to its compliance with all regulations and suitability for storing up to five handguns. This honour confirms the outstanding safety and dependability requirements that this safe upholds.

Electronic keypad with blue illumination
The Handgun Hanger Safe provides a quick and effective way to access your firearms. It comes with a Blue Illuminating Push Button Electronic Keypad with a Six-digit combination. Additionally, the lock has an Audible Feedback feature that lets you know when the right combination has been entered. An optional silent mode is provided for greater caution, enabling a stealthier approach when accessing your weapons.

Quick Entry with Door Spring
After the right combination is entered, the spring-loaded door of the Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe rapidly drops open. The speed reducer supports the hefty door to provide a quiet and seamless conclusion. When there is an emergency and time is of the essence, this quick and frictionless access is essential.

Anti-Pry Solid Steel Door
The safe’s outstanding 2-piece steel door is impressively 3/8″ thick, and it is further reinforced with anti-pry tabs and a high-strength locking latch to make it resistant against attempts to pick and straw the safe.

Numerous Power Options
The Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe includes an external power port connection (cable provided) to give you flexible power options. This enables you to maintain the power and complete functionality of your safe. As an alternative, you can use a 9V battery as a backup power source to make sure your safe keeps working even when the power is out.

Design that is portable and small
The Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe is extremely portable and has small dimensions of 9″D x 12″W x 9″H, making it simple to use in a variety of areas including your bedroom, workplace, or closet. It will ideally fit into any decor thanks to its sleek and contemporary style.


V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Safe with Quick Access Lock, Black, UNITS

V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Safe with Quick Access Lock, Black, UNITS
  • Heavy-Duty – Has a heavy-duty build that makes it very sturdy.
  • No Batteries – This model uses a Simplex lock that doesn’t need batteries to run
  • User-Friendly – The combination is easy to set and change
  • No Emergency-Open Key – you have to make sure you’ll remember the combination

The new “BRUTE” super tough fast access pistol box from V-Line Industries is the ideal way to keep your pistols and valuables secure and out of prying eyes. When fastened to a firm surface with bolts, the “BRUTE” offers unrivalled pry-proof protection because it is made of sturdy 10-gauge steel and has an overlapping cover. Its long-lasting tactical black powder coating provides longevity while also enhancing its streamlined appearance.

Look no further than the BRUTE if you’re looking for a top-notch handgun case that personifies excellence, longevity, toughness, and security. Let’s focus on some of its standout qualities:

The BRUTE is made of heavy-duty 10-gauge steel and is constructed to resist the harshest conditions. It provides unmatched security for your valuables and weaponry.

Its sleek custom anti-pry clamshell design gives an extra line of defence, thwarting any efforts at unauthorised access.

Heavy 12-Gauge Handle with Anti-Pry Lock Security: The safe’s reinforced heavy 12-Gauge handle with anti-pry lock security, assuring increased security.

Over-Sized Solid Steel Lock Block and Dead Bolt: The BRUTE offers ultimate protection, keeping your firearms and valuables safe and secure. It is equipped with an over-sized solid steel lock block and deadbolt.

Break Free 360 Degree Rotation Clutch Knob: You may quickly access your valuables thanks to the dependable mechanical push-button lock’s break-free 360-degree rotation clutch knob.

A heavy-duty gas-assisted opening strut assures a smooth and quick door opening, enabling quick access to your weaponry.

Super Duty Continuous Hinge with Welded Pin: The safe’s continuous super duty hinge is enhanced by a welded pin to provide long-lasting durability.

Fully Customizable Foam inside: The BRUTE’s inside is fully customizable, giving you the freedom to arrange and safeguard your firearms and valuables anyway you like.

The safe has a robust textured tactical black powder coating that not only improves its appearance but also offers additional security.

Silk-screened and laser-cut accent logos: The BRUTE exhibits painstaking attention to detail with its accent logos, which are silk-screened and laser-cut.

Easy Mounting: Four pre-drilled holes make mounting the safe simple and ensure that it is firmly attached.

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