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Smooth Sailing: Loading Your Boat Has Never Been Easier with the Marine Raider 600 lb Trailer Winch

Smooth Sailing: Loading Your Boat Has Never Been Easier with the Marine Raider 600 lb Trailer Winch

Getting your boat in and out of the water is an essential yet challenging part of your boating experience. A good trailer winch makes loading and unloading safe and hassle-free, while a poor quality or underpowered one can leave you stranded at the boat ramp. The Marine Raider 600 lb Trailer Winch is designed specifically for marine applications, with the durability, power and corrosion resistance needed for years of reliable service.

About the Marine Raider 600 lb Trailer Winch

This winch from Marine Raider delivers a 600 pound load capacity – more than enough for most average-sized powerboats, Jon boats, skiffs, and other trailered watercraft. The included 20 foot strap gives you ample length to reach long trailers, and the solid 1-piece gears provide smooth, steady ratcheting.

The winch features a rugged zinc-plated hook and 2-way ratcheting mechanism with neutral. Simply flip the handle up or down to spool in or out, with a center neutral position for release. The efficient 3:1 gear ratio allows you to draw in large loads without needing to ratchet excessively.

Marine Raider built this winch to withstand the harsh marine environment. The components are dichromate dipped for corrosion resistance, allowing the winch to maintain its strength and performance through exposure to saltwater. It’s compatible with most single-axle bunk or roller trailers. Mounting hardware is sold separately.

What’s Included

The Marine Raider 600 lb trailer winch package includes:

  • Trailer winch assembly
  • 20′ strap with hook
  • Instruction manual

Key Features and Benefits

Key Features and Benefits
  • 600 lb capacity – Safely handles boats up to 600 pounds, covering small to mid-sized watercraft.
  • 2-way ratcheting – Flip the handle up or down to quickly take in or let out the strap. Neutral position allows release.
  • 3:1 gear ratio – Provides fast line speed and smooth operation without excessive cranking.
  • Corrosion-resistant – Zinc-plated hook and dichromate treatment fight saltwater corrosion.
  • 20′ strap included – Gives ample length to attach to trailers up to 20 feet long.
  • Solid 1-piece gears – Robust solid cut gears prevent stripping gears under heavy loads.

Installing the Marine Raider Trailer Winch

Installing the Marine Raider Trailer Winch

Mounting the winch properly allows for safe, efficient operation. Follow these steps:

  1. Select an appropriate mounting location at the front of the trailer near the hitch. Consult your trailer manual for guidance.
  2. Position the winch at a 30-45 degree angle pointing upward. This improves leverage when hauling heavy boats.
  3. Bolt the winch base securely to the trailer frame using grade 8 bolts and locking nuts (sold separately).
  4. Attach the wire leads from the winch motor to your trailer wiring system’s green and white wires for power activation.
  5. Test operation by plugging in trailer and briefly operating the winch in both directions before loading boat.

Consult your trailer manufacturer or dealer for specific wiring and mounting instructions for your model. Use all required safety equipment.

Using the Winch for Boat Loading

Using the Winch for Boat Loading

Follow these steps when using your Marine Raider winch for loading and unloading:

  1. Make sure no one is in the boat or near the winch area. Disengage the winch and fully extend the strap.
  2. Carefully back the trailer into the water until just the tops of the fenders remain dry.
  3. Thread the strap hook through the bow eye on the boat and attach back to the strap. Take in any slack.
  4. Slowly operate the winch handle to draw the boat onto the trailer. Stop periodically to check alignment.
  5. Once fully loaded, continue ratcheting to apply downward pressure for security during transport. Do not overtighten.
  6. To unload, reverse the process – submerge trailer, detach strap hook, then use the winch to gradually release tension and glide boat off trailer.

Winch Maintenance Tips

Winch Maintenance Tips

Regular inspection and care will keep your trailer winch operating smoothly for years. Follow these maintenance practices:

  • Rinse the entire winch assembly with fresh water after saltwater exposure. Fully dry before storing.
  • Lubricate the gears periodically with marine grade grease to prevent corrosion and keep operation smooth.
  • Examine the strap for fraying, cuts and broken stitches. Replace immediately if damaged or severely worn.
  • Check mounting hardware for loosening or corrosion. Tighten or replace as needed.
  • Test winch periodically for smooth operation throughout full strap range. Listen for grinding or binding gears.

Proper winch care protects your investment and prevents problems during critical loading procedures. Consult the Marine Raider manual for full maintenance instructions specific to your model.

Choosing the Right Winch for Your Application

With countless winch options on the market, it can be tricky matching the right one to your needs. Here are the key factors to consider:

  • Boat weight – Calculate your fully loaded boat weight. Select a winch rated for at least 1.5 times this amount.
  • Rope or strap – Straps are more durable for marine use. Choose adequate length for your trailer.
  • Gearing – Look for at least 3:1 gear ratio. Higher is better for heavier boats.
  • Material – Saltwater-grade materials like stainless steel and zinc plating resist corrosion.
  • Mounting – Some winches mount vertically, others horizontally. Ensure proper angle.
  • Electric vs manual – Electric winches provide effortless power, while manual units never need charging.

Choosing the right capacity, gearing, and materials for your specific trailer and boat will ensure safe, reliable operation during every loading.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of mounting hardware do I need to install this winch?

The winch base requires grade 8 bolts and locking nuts long enough for your trailer frame thickness (not included). Consult the trailer manufacturer for recommended bolt sizing.

How can I get replacement strap and hook assemblies?

Replacement strap/hook kits and most common spare parts can be ordered through Marine Raider’s website or authorized dealers. Have your winch model number handy.

Is this winch fully waterproof?

While marine grade treated, the winch should not be submerged. Keeping the motor hookup site well sealed protects the electrical components. Rinse with fresh water after saltwater exposure.

What is Marine Raider’s warranty policy?

This winch is backed by a limited 2-year manufacturer’s warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship under normal use conditions. Contact Marine Raider directly for full warranty terms.

Can I convert this to an electric winch?

No, this specific manual winch cannot be converted to electric. Marine Raider does sell electric trailer winch models compatible with most trailers if you wish to upgrade to powered operation.


Loading and unloading should be the easy part of any boating adventure. The Marine Raider 600 lb Trailer Winch delivers hassle-free performance thanks to robust construction designed for marine environments. The 600 pound capacity, efficient gearing, and corrosion-resistant coating provide years of reliable service for trailering average sized boats.

Follow the installation and operation instructions properly to ensure safe, effective use. With routine care and maintenance, this winch will stand up to the demands of saltwater boating. For smooth, trouble-free loading whether backing down solo or with a crew, the Marine Raider trailer winch has you covered. Spend more time enjoying the water and less time fighting with trailer.

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