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Shoreline Marine Dual Mount Transom Support Bracket

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Protect Your Boat’s Transom with the Shoreline Marine Dual Mount Support Bracket

Heading out for a fun day of boating on the open waters can quickly turn disastrous if you don’t take the proper precautions during transport. As any seasoned captain knows, one of the most vulnerable areas of your boat is the transom. This important structural component not only takes the brunt of force while navigating waves, but is also susceptible to serious damage as you trailer your boat to and from the dock or boat ramp. A damaged or weakened transom can lead to a swamping risk, engine issues, and costly repairs down the road. That’s why it’s critical to keep your transom protected during transport with a specially designed transom support bracket. The Shoreline Marine Dual Mount Transom Support Bracket is an essential accessory that will defend your transom from harm and give you peace of mind on the road. Designed to absorb shock and impact, this rugged bracket has adjustable mounts to accommodate different boat types and ensure a tight, secure fit. Keep reading to learn why every boat owner needs a transom support bracket like the Shoreline Marine, how to use it properly, and get answers to frequently asked questions. Let’s delve in!

An Overview of the Shoreline Marine Dual Mount Transom Support Bracket

This heavy-duty transom saver from Shoreline Marine is built to protect. Constructed of durable coated steel, it has a dual-mount design so you can install it using either an over-the-roller bracket secured to your trailer or a bolt-on bracket attached directly to the transom. The bracket has built-in shock absorbers that compress to absorb any bumps or jolts during transport. The adjustable length can extend from 29 to 35 inches to accommodate different transom heights. This versatility allows the bracket to work with many different boat types and models. Whether you’ve got a bass fishing boat, pontoon boat, ski boat or other watercraft, this transom support has you covered. Here’s an overview of what sets the Shoreline Marine bracket apart:
  • Dual-mount installation – Choose from over-the-roller or bolt-on mounting.
  • Coated steel construction – Made to last with durable, coated steel.
  • Adjustable length – Extends from 29 to 35 inches to fit varying transom heights.
  • Shock absorbers – Built-in absorbers compress to reduce shock and impact.
  • Complete hardware – Comes with all necessary mounting hardware.
  • Transom protection – Helps prevent transom damage during trailering and transport.
Having the ability to install the bracket using roller or bolt-on mounts makes it a versatile choice. The over-the-roller option utilizes brackets secured to your trailer, allowing the transom support to glide along the roller during loading. This prevents jarring bumps or downward force as the boat is loaded. For a more permanent installation, the included bolt-on brackets can be screwed directly into the transom. Many boat owners appreciate this setup for keeping the bracket firmly in place at all times. Either mounting option will provide outstanding protection thanks to the shock-absorbing design. Even the worst bumps and jolts on the road will be cushioned so your transom doesn’t take a beating.

Choosing the Right Transom Support Bracket

The Shoreline Marine dual mount bracket has several standout features that make it the right choice for protecting your transom. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a transom support:
  • Construction material – The durable coated steel construction ensures long-lasting performance and resistance to corrosion. Steel is far superior to cheaper brackets made of materials like aluminum or plastic that can degrade over time.
  • Weight capacity – Make sure the bracket is rated for the fully loaded weight of your boat and motor. The Shoreline Marine model has a generous 500 lb weight capacity.
  • Adjustability – Look for a telescoping bracket with ample adjustability to fit your exact transom height. The broader the adjustment range, the better.
  • Mounting options – Having over-the-roller and bolt-on mounting options allows you to choose the installation method that works best for your setup.
  • Shock absorption – The built-in shock absorbing pads cushion your transom from road vibration and sudden impacts.
When it comes to protecting your boat for the long haul, there are no shortcuts. The Shoreline Marine bracket is thoughtfully designed with boaters’ needs in mind and built to provide years of reliable service. The last thing you want is a flimsy bracket that fails when you need it most. Some cheaper brackets may seem tempting at first glance. But their limited adjustability, questionable durability, and lack of shock absorption will leave your transom at risk. Don’t settle for a bracket that could let you down!

Step-by-Step Guide to Proper Installation

One of the Shoreline Marine bracket’s major perks is its dual mounting capabilities. Let’s look at how to install and use the bracket properly in both roller and bolt-on modes.

Over-the-Roller Mounting

For over-the-roller installation:
  • Measure the height of your transom to determine the required extension length of the bracket. Set the adjustable slider to this length.
  • Attach the over-the-roller brackets to your trailer using the provided hardware. Position them so the bracket will rest centered on the roller pads.
  • When loading the boat, carefully back it down the ramp until the transom support makes contact with the roller brackets. Take it slow to avoid sudden jolts.
  • Allow the bracket to glide along the roller surface as you finish loading the boat. Check that it seats evenly on the pads.
  • Secure the boat with the winch strap and safety chain as normal. Make sure the bracket sits centered on the rollers.
  • Prior to transport, confirm that the bracket is supporting the transom securely without sagging or slack.
The key is positioning the roller brackets so the transom saver sits flush and even across the pads. This disperses weight evenly while allowing it to absorb vibration during transport. Some boaters remove the bracket once the boat is loaded on the trailer. However, leaving it installed ensures continuous protection if you need to make stops en route to your destination.

Bolt-on Installation

For bolting directly to the transom:
  • Start by measuring the height of your transom. Set the slider length on the bracket to match it.
  • Hold the bracket centered on the transom to mark the locations for drilling pilot holes. Make sure it sits flat against the surface.
  • Drill appropriately sized pilot holes in the marked locations. Hold the bracket back up to verify hole alignment.
  • Use the included hardware to bolt the bracket securely into place. Tighten to the recommended torque specs.
  • Check that the shock absorbing pads make firm, even contact and the bracket has no play or wiggle room.
  • Your bracket is now ready to start protecting that transom! Be sure to recheck the tightness periodically.
This installation method leaves no doubt that your transom is supported solidly for every haul. The permanent direct contact absorbs energy and defends against dings or cracks. Just take care not to overtighten the hardware – snug is secure enough. Overtorquing can bend or distort the bracket, reducing its effectiveness. No matter which mounting option you choose, following the directions will ensure your transom stays protected trip after trip. Take the time to get the bracket positioned and adjusted just right.

Why Protecting Your Investment is Critical

Your boat, outboard motor, and trailer likely represent a significant investment. So it only makes sense to take measures that protect that investment and prevent avoidable damage. Here are some key reasons using a transom support bracket is a must:
  • Avoid engine issues – If an unsupported transom flexes too much it can misalign your engine and disturb critical fuel and electrical connections. This can lead to issues like power loss or failure to start.
  • Prevent cracking or splitting – Without proper support, repeated bouncing places major stress on the transom that can crack fiberglass or split wood over time.
  • Reduce swamping risk – Excessive flexing also widens seams where water can intrude and fill the bilge, increasing the odds of swamping.
  • Save on repairs – Cracked or split transoms require expensive repairs. Preventing damage with a bracket saves you major hassle and expense down the road.
  • Improve trailering stability – A sturdy transom bracket also keeps the boat from bouncing excessively and improves overall trailer stability.
  • Enjoy peace of mind – Each trip will be stress-free knowing your transom is fully protected.
Don’t wait for disaster to strike – be proactive. The minimal upfront investment in a quality transom saver like the Shoreline Marine bracket will pay dividends for years. You and your passengers will have one less thing to worry about when trailering your boat.

Answers to Common Questions About the Bracket

If you’re wondering whether the Shoreline Marine dual mount transom bracket is right for your boat, here are answers to some frequently asked questions: What is the adjustment range? The telescoping bracket offers 29 to 35 inches of adjustment range. This accommodates most average-sized boat transoms. Measure yours first if in doubt! What types of boats is it designed for? This versatile bracket is rated for use with outboard-powered boats up to 26 feet in length, including aluminum fishing boats, bass boats, pontoons, and fiberglass runabouts. How much weight can it support? The bracket is generously rated for a 500 pound maximum capacity. This covers the majority of outboard motors. Just ensure the fully loaded boat and engine weight does not exceed this limit. What is the construction made of? The durable bracket is crafted from powder coated marine-grade steel to prevent corrosion. The coating also helps it glide smoothly over roller pads. Does it work for both over-the-roller and bolt-on mounting? Yes! The dual-mount design includes hardware for either trailer roller mounting or direct transom installation. Choose whichever method suits your needs. Are any tools needed for installation? For roller mounting, no tools are required – just secure the provided brackets to your trailer. Bolt-on mounting needs basic drilling and hand tools for the pilot holes and hardware. Will it fit my specific trailer and transom? The wide size range and dual mounts allow the bracket to work with most trailers and transoms. But it’s smart to confirm all measurements before purchasing. How durable is the construction? The thick, powder-coated steel is highly durable and impact resistant. This heavy-duty material can withstand repeated use without bending, warping or rusting. Does it work well for saltwater use? Definitely. The coated steel and stainless steel hardware allow the bracket to hold up to coastal and marine environments without corrosion. Just rinse occasionally to keep the glide surface clean. Still have additional questions? Don’t hesitate to contact the friendly boating experts at Shoreline Marine. They’ll be happy to address any uncertainties about sizing, installation, or using the dual mount transom support bracket.

The Shoreline Marine Bracket Defends Your Transom

As you can see, the Shoreline Marine Dual Mount Transom Support Bracket addresses an important need for anyone who hauls a boat. Protecting your transom is simply vital – it’s a fundamental part of your boat’s structure and function. Why risk expensive damage, swamping peril, or trailering headaches when you can defend your boat properly for a reasonable price? This rugged, well-designed bracket has you covered. Dual mounting options provide flexibility for trailered or permanent installation. The marine-grade steel construction and shock-absorbing pads supply strength and cushioning where you need them most. Your boat, motor, and trailer carry precious cargo – your family and friends. Trailer confidently and rest easy knowing the Shoreline Marine bracket’s got your transom’s back, trip after trip. Protect your investment today and enjoy many seasons of smooth, safe boating ahead!

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