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Orion Signals 15-Minute Road Flares 3-Pack

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Stay Visible and Safe with Orion Road Flares

Driving down a dark, deserted highway late at night can be an unnerving experience. You scan the road anxiously for any potential hazards or odd noises coming from your car. Suddenly, your engine starts sputtering and spewing smoke. You manage to steer your car to the shoulder just as it shudders to a stop. Now what? You’re stranded on the side of the road, with no lights or signs to alert other drivers of your presence. This dangerous scenario highlights the importance of having roadside emergency tools like flares. They can provide urgent visibility and prevent accidents when you find yourself in a disabled vehicle. Read on to learn why the Orion Signals 15-Minute Road Flares are an ideal choice to stay safe and visible.

An Essential Roadside Safety Tool

Road flares are pyrotechnic devices that produce an intensely bright red light through a chemical reaction. They are an indispensable tool for signaling roadside emergencies and providing critical visibility. When ignited and placed properly behind a disabled vehicle, they alert oncoming traffic to slow down, change lanes, and avoid potential accidents. The bright crimson glare of road flares can be seen from up to a mile away, even in fog or other inclement weather. This makes them far more effective than your vehicle’s hazard lights that drivers may not notice in time. Having a set of road flares on hand can literally be a lifesaver in an emergency situation. Road flares come in a variety of types – traditional spike flares, LED electric flares, liquid flares, and more. Each has its advantages and ideal uses. However, traditional chemical spike flares that burn for 10-30 minutes remain the most common reliable choice. Look for flares that burn longer and brighter while resisting wind, moisture, and vibration. Also key is an easy, stable base without dangerous spikes. Let’s look closer at how the Orion Signals 15-Minute Road Flares check all these key boxes for safety and performance.

Orion Road Flares – Bright, Long-Lasting, and Stable

The Orion Signals 15-Minute Road Flares live up to their name, providing a consistent 15 minute burn time – longer than many other flares on the market. The brighter and longer a flare can burn, the better protection it provides. These flares reach full brilliance within 60 seconds and maintain easy visibility for a quarter of an hour from distances up to 1 mile. You don’t have to worry about them fizzling out before help arrives. Built with a durable wax coating, Orion Road Flares are designed to withstand precipitation and high winds. The moisture-resistant formula ensures reliable ignition and burn time even in wet conditions – unlike cheaper flares that can falter in rain or snow. No need to panic if you get caught in a storm – these stalwart flares have your back. Orion flares also feature a spikeless, weighted design that prevents tipping or rolling that could endanger vehicles. The flares easily maintain an upright position on their circular molded bases. Traditional spike flares tend to be awkward and unstable, often tipping over due to passing traffic, wind gusts, or uneven pavement. The stable Orion flare bases ensure the brilliant light beams where you aim it without interruption.

Smart and Convenient Packaging

A set of 3 Orion 15-minute road flares comes packaged in a lightweight plastic bag that can be neatly stored in your trunk or emergency kit. The included resealable bag protects the flares from moisture prior to use. It also allows safe storage of any unused flares after igniting one or two from the set of three. The Orion flares are constructed from top-grade materials in the United States to assure maximum visibility, burn duration, and fuel content. They are engineered to comply with all federal regulations for illuminant devices. You can trust Orion Signals quality and safety.

Using Road Flares Safely and Effectively

When using road flares in an emergency situation, proper placement is critical. Here are some key tips for maximizing their visibility and your safety:
  • Place flares in a straight line spaced at least 100 feet apart behind and ahead of your disabled vehicle. This alerts other drivers and gives them adequate distance to react.
  • Position flares to the left of your vehicle if stopped on a divided highway. If on a two-lane undivided road, place a third flare 100 feet behind the car in the center of the lane.
  • Set flares approximately 3 feet from the edge of the roadway, so they are visible but out of passing traffic. Angle the flare slightly toward oncoming vehicles.
  • Activate flares at least 15 feet from any spilled combustible fluids like gasoline or oil. Move your vehicle further away before igniting if possible.
  • Allow spent flares to fully burn out before handling. Submerge in water if quickly disposing. Always store used and unused flares properly.
  • Only ignite flares outdoors in emergency situations. Never activate in your vehicle or enclosed spaces.
Following these guidelines, Orion’s 15-minute road flares can optimally highlight your vehicle’s presence to prevent dangerous collisions. Practice proper maintenance and storage of your emergency flares so they are ready when you need them.

Why Orion Road Flares Check All the Boxes

In an roadside emergency, you need maximum visibility fast. Orion Signals 15-Minute Road Flares deliver with:
  • A consistent, long-lasting 15 minute burn time -longer than many competitor flares
  • A moisture-resistant formula that ignites and burns in wet conditions
  • An easy-to-use spikeless design that prevents tipping and rolling
  • Bright illumination exceeding most flares and visible up to 1 mile away
  • Quality American construction for optimal safety and fuel content
  • Handy resealable storage bag to protect unused flares from elements
Don’t chance getting stranded in the dark without being visible. Orion’s 15-minute flares provide that critical margin of safety so you avoid disaster and get home safely. With their smart design and performance, you can feel confident entrusting Orion Signals with your roadside visibility needs. Stay prepared and stay safe on the road ahead.

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