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Old Town Heron 9 Recreational Kayak

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  • Weighing in at just under 40 pounds, the Heron 9 from Old Town is one of the lightest hard-bodied kayaks around, ideally suited for beginner paddlers who will benefit from its compact, sporty design.
  • The Comfort Flex seat is easy to adjust and works with a glide-track foot brace to afford easy paddling, with lightweight foam bulkheads at the bow and stern.
  • Carrying handles make it easy to maneuver the kayak in and out of the water, and it’s also great for anglers thanks to two flush-mounted fishing rod holders.
  • Plus, it comes with a cup holder to make staying hydrated on the water hassle-free.
  • The Details: 1-person | 39 pounds | 300-pound weight limit | 9.5 feet | Polyethylene

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Old Town Heron 9 Recreational Kayak (Sunrise, 9 Feet 6 Inches)

The Old Town Heron 9 Recreational Kayak is a small, sporty boat that provides affordability and outstanding performance, allowing you to explore the sea in elegance and comfort. With its great tracking and mobility, this kayak is made to offer a wonderful time on the water, whether you’re an experienced paddler or a beginner.

The Heron 9’s adjustable Comfort Flex seat, which comes with padding to keep paddlers comfortable throughout their aquatic adventures, is one of its noteworthy features. Long paddling sessions won’t cause you any difficulty because this seat was made with your comfort in mind.

The Heron 9’s ground-breaking Glide Track foot brace system offers more leverage and maneuverability for beginners or those looking for additional control. It’s a great option for individuals just getting into kayaking because you’ll feel in control and confident as you maneuver through various water conditions.

The Heron 9’s design is similarly focused on convenience. Transporting the kayak to and from the water is made simple by the comfortable carrying handles. You can go fishing while you’re out paddling thanks to built-in rod holders. The thin foam billets at the bow and stern provide stability and buoyancy in the water. Not to mention the handy cup holder, which allows you to have your preferred beverage close at hand while enjoying the tranquility of the water.

The Heron 9 has a sizable maximum load capacity of 300 pounds, making it easy to transport your gear and necessities for a day of fun on the water. This kayak can meet your demands whether you’re planning a solitary journey or enjoying the companionship of another paddler.

The Heron 9 is another example of how well-made Old Town’s products are. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty, giving you confidence in your purchase and peace of mind.

Old Town Heron 9 Recreational Kayak

Size and Weight

Streamlined and lightweight: The hull of the Old Town Heron 9 is 28.5 inches (72.4 cm) in width and 9 feet, 6 inches long (290 cm). Its small size makes it simple to handle and navigate, making it the perfect option for paddlers of all skill levels. The Heron 9’s small form provides fluid and nimble movement whether you’re exploring quiet lakes or navigating through twisting rivers.

This kayak is very lightweight, weighing only 37 pounds (16.8 kg), making transportation a breeze. You won’t have to use much effort or rely on others to help you lift large objects. The Heron 9 gives you the freedom to explore your favorite waterways whenever you want, enabling you to set off on solo trips with ease.

Outstanding Carrying Capacity: The Old Town Heron 9’s carrying capacity should not be underestimated despite its lightweight design and small size. This recreational kayak has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds (136.1 kg), which is higher than you might anticipate. For a day of fun on the water, you can pack your gear, necessities, and even some snacks. The Heron 9 can meet your demands whether you’re paddling by yourself or with a friend.

Convenience and comfort: The Old Town Heron 9 has characteristics that improve your whole paddling experience in addition to its size and weight. Even on lengthy trips, you will remain comfortable thanks to the adjustable, padded Comfort Flex seat. For beginners or those looking to improve their maneuvering abilities, the Glide Track foot brace system offers more leverage and control.


The kayak has a robust plastic carrying handle at the bow. Contrary to some other starter models’ bungee-based handles, this robust handle offers a stable grasp for simple transportation. The Heron 9 is distinguished by its minor but noteworthy feature.

The Heron 9 falls short, meanwhile, in terms of front deck storage possibilities. There are no hatches or bungees, giving paddlers few alternatives for storing necessities like a lunch bag or a rain jacket. Although there is some room behind the backrest, it can be difficult to reach objects kept there while you are paddling. The comfort and convenience of the kayak might be substantially improved by adding a straightforward bungee on the bow.

The Heron 9’s design places a high premium on safety. Foam bulkheads (flotation blocks), located inside the hull on the bow and stern, add extra buoyancy. This gives paddlers piece of mind throughout their water adventures by guaranteeing that the kayak floats even if it floods.

Although the adjustable footrests allow for some adjustment, some paddlers may not find them to be as solid as they would like. The cockpit is roomy, offering lots of room for comfort and movement. However, the lack of knee pads on the cockpit rim means that during prolonged paddling sessions, the paddlers’ legs may come into direct touch with the hard plastic hull.

Any form of paddle holder is another characteristic that is conspicuously absent. Without any other choice, paddlers are forced to rest the paddle on their lap, running the risk of having it fall off the kayak. This issue could be readily fixed, and a practical paddle storage option may be provided, with just a small indent on the cockpit rim.

The padded and curved seat provides adequate comfort for short, leisurely outings, which is in line with the intended use of the kayak. Paddlers can find a comfortable tilt for their back support with the adjustable backrest, which can also be folded down for simple transit. A molded bottle holder placed in-between the paddler’s legs also adds a touch of practicality for drinking water while out on the lake.

The Heron 9 now has two flush-mount rod holders beneath the seat for individuals who want to go fishing while out on their paddling excursions. The kayak can now be used for sporadic fishing excursions thanks to this improvement.


Durability and toughness are at the heart of the Old Town Heron 9 kayak’s construction. Rotational molding, a technique used to create the kayak, involves pouring High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) beads into a mold and rotating it inside an oven until the mold is completely covered in plastic. The Heron 9 is a dependable travel partner on every aquatic trip as a result of its one-piece, hollow structure, which is extraordinarily strong and long-lasting.

The kayak’s structural integrity is guaranteed using the simple but efficient production process of rotational molding. In the first process, high-quality plastic beads known for their strength and durability—HDPE beads—are poured into a specific mold. The mold is then started rotating at a controlled temperature inside an oven. The HDPE beads evenly disseminate throughout the interior surface of the mold as it spins, creating a seamless and consistent layer of plastic.

When the interior of the mold has been completely coated, it is allowed to cool, solidifying the HDPE into a sturdy, one-piece construction. The finished kayak has great impact resistance, can survive rigorous handling, and can withstand adverse weather conditions without losing structural integrity.

Rotational molding’s brilliance is found in its capacity to provide a homogeneous thickness across the entire kayak, leaving no weak spots or exposed seams. The kayak’s endurance is considerably increased by its one-piece construction, which makes it extremely resistant to cracks, leaks, and other types of wear and tear that can happen during repeated use.

The HDPE material used to build the Old Town Heron 9 also offers great resistance to UV radiation and corrosion, ensuring the kayak’s durability and retaining its colorful beauty over time. Those who frequently paddle in sunny and saltwater locations will find this feature especially useful because it guards the kayak from fading and damage brought on by prolonged exposure to the elements.

A kayak made with rotational molding and HDPE material can resist the demands of paddling excursions for many years to come. The Old Town Heron 9 is made to provide a steady and reliable performance, letting you to concentrate on the enjoyment of paddling rather than worrying about kayak maintenance, whether you’re exploring tranquil lakes, meandering through rivers, or facing the waves of the ocean.

Finally, the creation of the Old Town Heron 9 demonstrates the outstanding advantages of rotational molding and high-density polyethylene. A one-piece, hollow kayak with exceptional durability, impact resistance, and UV protection is the result of this procedure. The Old Town Heron 9 is a great option for paddlers looking for a kayak that will endure the test of time and give endless pleasurable excursions on the water thanks to its tough design and dependable performance.


Old Town gives a lifetime warranty on the hull and deck of their kayaks. In the event that there are any manufacturing or material flaws during the kayak’s lifetime, the manufacturer will fix them. The toughness and dependability of the materials used to build Old Town kayaks are demonstrated by this impressive coverage. The lifetime warranty enables paddlers to explore with confidence whether they are paddling serene lakes or more difficult waters.

Old Town offers a 5-year warranty on imperfect boats designated as BLEMs. Even if these kayaks can have minor visual flaws, the warranty guarantees that their structural integrity and performance will still be protected for a sizable amount of time.

Certain Old Town models come with the ground-breaking PDL drive, which is covered by a 5-year limited guarantee. The PDL drive, a highly inventive component that increases propulsion effectiveness, goes through rigorous craftsmanship to guarantee its dependability. The 5-year warranty gives PDL users the peace of mind that they have a trustworthy and durable system at their disposal and covers any errors in workmanship or materials.

Old Town Heron 9 Recreational Kayak

7.6Expert Score
Need a straightforward, portable leisure kayak? A decent choice might be Old Town Heron 9. This boat, which is only 9'6" long and weighs just 37 lbs, is stable enough for novices and includes foam bulkheads for security. It can be used for a rare fishing expedition as long as you don't mind having the paddle rest on your lap when you throw thanks to two flush-mount rod holders.
  • The lightweight design of the Heron 9 affords a beginner kayaker a hard-bodied vessel that amps the playfulness.
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Foam bulkheads
  • Rod holders
  • There are no lash points or storage options save for the cup holder and flush-mounted rod holders.
  • No thigh pads
  • No paddle holders
  • No storage features

Specification: Old Town Heron 9 Recreational Kayak

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

‎114 x 28.5 x 13 inches

Package Weight

‎37 Pounds

Brand Name

‎Old Town

Warranty Description

‎Limited Warranty

Model Name

‎Heron 9




‎Plastic, Polyethylene (PE)

Suggested Users



‎Old Town



Included Components



‎9 Feet 6"

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Old Town Heron 9 Recreational Kayak
Old Town Heron 9 Recreational Kayak
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