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Magellan Outdoors Aluminum Hitch Carrier

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  • Fits 2″ receivers – Standard receiver size for most trucks, SUVs, and vans.
  • 750 lb. weight capacity – Safely hauls heavy coolers, bags, camping gear.
  • Durable welded aluminum – Resists corrosion and rust through all weather.
  • 49” x 22.5” surface – Hauls bulkier cargo like generators or kayaks.

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If your truck bed or SUV cargo area always seems to fill up way too fast, it may be time to increase your vehicle’s hauling capabilities with a heavy-duty hitch cargo carrier. And the Magellan Outdoors Aluminum Hitch Carrier is ready to help you transport bulky gear in sturdy and affordable style.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this rugged Magellan cargo carrier. From its ample 750 pound weight capacity to proper installation and usage tips. Let’s hit the road!

Magellan Outdoors – Gear for Adventure

When you’re searching for travel and outdoor recreational accessories built to handle real adventures, the Magellan Outdoors brand delivers quality and value.

Magellan Outdoors is trusted by campers, hikers, anglers, and other outdoor enthusiasts for:

  • Durable construction – Products made from premium materials to endure nature’s elements.
  • Well-designed function – Equipment with smart design focused on practical performance.
  • Quality at affordable prices – Getting robust gear that fits most budgets.
  • Car, truck, and SUV accessories – Outfitting vehicles for cargo, organization, and convenience.

From cargo totes and sun shelters to kayak mounts and trailer hitches, Magellan’s camping and travel offerings help maximize your adventures.

Now let’s see how their aluminum hitch cargo carrier measures up…

Key Features and Benefits of the Magellan Hitch Carrier

This heavy-duty hitch-mounted cargo platform from Magellan Outdoors provides ample stable space for transporting excess gear and luggage your vehicle can’t accommodate:

  • Fits 2″ receivers – Standard receiver size for most trucks, SUVs, and vans.
  • 750 lb. weight capacity – Safely hauls heavy coolers, bags, camping gear.
  • Durable welded aluminum – Resists corrosion and rust through all weather.
  • 49” x 22.5” surface – Hauls bulkier cargo like generators or kayaks.
  • Textured base – Helps keep cargo from sliding around corners.
  • Easy assembly – Bolts together fast with included tools.

With tough aluminum construction built to last, this cargo carrier lets you bring all the extras your adventures demand without stuffing your vehicle to the brim.

Pros and Cons of the Magellan Outdoors Hitch Carrier


  • Made from lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum
  • Generous 750 lb. weight capacity for heavy items
  • Compatible with most 2″ receiver hitches
  • Textured base helps stabilize cargo
  • More affordable than steel or stainless hitch carriers
  • Installs easily with included hardware

Potential Cons:

  • No raised rails or tie downs
  • Gear not fully enclosed or lockable
  • Somewhat awkward side access to load/unload
  • Aluminum not as dent/scratch resistant as steel
  • Textured base can potentially scratch certain items

While not as heavy duty as industrial steel models, Magellan’s aluminum hitch cargo carrier offers ample strength and space for most outdoor recreational cargo needs.

Next, let’s go over what to look for when picking out a hitch cargo carrier.

Key Factors When Selecting a Hitch Cargo Carrier

With the wide range of hitch carriers available these days, keep these aspects in mind when selecting one for your needs:

Vehicle hitch – Ensure the carrier fits your vehicle’s hitch receiver size and weight specs. Most are for 2″ hitches handling 300-500+ lbs.

Weight capacity – Choose a carrier with a max capacity fitting your heaviest haul needs. From 300 lbs. to 750+ lbs. capacity.

MaterialSteel offers unrivaled strength and durability. Aluminum provides corrosion resistance at lower cost.

Size – Measure cargo you’ll carry. Standard carriers are 48-60″ long and 20-24” wide.

Add-ons – Look for convenient built-in features like tie downs, ramps, reflectors, taillights.

Ground clearance – Watch carrier position when loading/unloading. Deep cargo may drag and scrape.

By carefully evaluating your vehicle, typical cargo, and must-have features, you can select the ideal hitch carrier for your needs.

Using Your Hitch Cargo Carrier Safely and Efficiently

Once you’ve got your Magellan Outdoors hitch carrier installed, keep these usage tips in mind:

  • Double check all bolts are tight during initial install and periodically on trips. Don’t let vibration loosen connections.
  • Distribute heavier cargo toward the center to avoid too much weight hanging off the edges.
  • Securely tie down all cargo with straps, nets, bungee cords to prevent shifting during transport.
  • Adhere to the recommended weight capacities to avoid overload issues. Going over your hitch or carrier rating risks safety.
  • Be careful not to obstruct taillights, signals or your license plate if wiring a mounted carrier. Keep lights visible.
  • Lock valuables in your vehicle rather than on the exposed carrier bed when parked.

Follow these tips to haul gear securely while getting the most from your vehicle and Magellan Outdoors cargo carrier setup.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Magellan Hitch Carrier

Researching hitch cargo carriers raises some common questions for vehicle owners new to these accessories. Here we’ll address key FAQs on Magellan’s model:

What hitch receiver sizes are compatible?

This carrier is made to fit vehicles with a Class III or Class IV 2-inch hitch receiver. Ensure your hitch accommodates a minimum of 750 lb tongue weight.

How long does installation and assembly take?

With basic mechanical skills, the Magellan carrier can be fully assembled and installed in 30 minutes or less. All required hardware and tools are included.

How resistant is the aluminum to rust and corrosion?

The thick aluminum sheet metal is powder coated for all-weather resistance to rust or corrosion. Much more durable than traditional steel under the elements.

Does Magellan Outdoors offer a warranty on this hitch carrier?

Yes, the aluminum hitch carrier is backed by a standard 1-year limited warranty through Magellan. Contact them for any manufacturer defect issues.

Can I add a cargo basket or bike rack on top of this carrier?

Yes – an additional cargo basket or bike rack can be mounted on the carrier surface if your vehicle hitch can handle the combined cargo weight.

Hopefully these hitch carrier answers have you ready to haul!

Haul More Gear with the Magellan Outdoors Cargo Carrier

We’ve covered a ton of ground here on this rugged, large-capacity hitch mounted cargo carrier. With its corrosion-resistant aluminum construction, 750 pound max weight rating, and ample 49” x 22.5” surface, the Magellan Outdoors hitch carrier provides extra cargo space to keep all your gear and luggage secure on the go.

We discussed how to select the ideal hitch carrier for your specific vehicle’s cargo needs and weight ratings. From material construction to dimensions to key integrated features. Proper installation and usage tips will ensure safe, efficient transport of all your extra cargo and toys.

If you’re tired of packing your truck or SUV to the brim on camping, road trip, or tailgating adventures, a hitch carrier can provide welcome extra storage – especially for bulky or dirty items you don’t want inside your vehicle. Just be sure to distribute weight properly and tie cargo down securely.

With Magellan’s well-made aluminum hitch platform, you now have the ultimate flexibility to haul all the gear your expeditions require. Here’s to smooth travels ahead!

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Magellan Outdoors Aluminum Hitch Carrier
Magellan Outdoors Aluminum Hitch Carrier
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