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Genuine Crystal Kayak by The Crystal Kayak Company

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The Genuine Crystal Kayak by The Crystal Kayak Company provides a captivating opportunity to explore the aquatic world like never before for travelers seeking a singular and unmatched water experience. This kayak’s transparent design gives you an unrestricted view of the underwater paradise and enables you to establish close contact with the aquatic life below the surface. The Genuine Crystal Kayak is the best option if you’ve ever wanted to watch an underwater performance up close.

This kayak promotes stability and steadiness due to its broad-hulled design, making it the ideal ally for calm waters. Enjoy the breath-taking views that appear above and below you as you glide elegantly on tranquil lakes, ponds, calm ocean waves, or meandering rivers. With the Genuine Crystal Kayak, you may simply float while admiring the beauty of your surroundings. It is made to offer a peaceful and immersive experience.

The Crystal Explorer makes up for its lack of speed on the water with a huge weight capacity of 425 pounds, guaranteeing enough room for you and a passenger. The kayak’s design is adaptable enough to accommodate paddlers looking for shared adventures with a loved one as well as those paddling alone.

You may paddle worry-free even in regions where there may be possible impediments like rocks and logs thanks to the kayak’s polycarbonate resin hull, known as “Lexan,” which ensures toughness and robustness. But because the boat is transparent, you’ll be able to see any dangers right away, much like you would be in Wonder Woman’s invisible plane. Your paddling experience is elevated in terms of safety and enjoyment thanks to this great feature.

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Genuine Crystal Kayak by The Crystal Kayak Company | Clear Commercial Grade Single/Double Riders | Transparent Hybrid Kayak/Canoe | Exploring, Fishing, Rental or Family Fun!

Genuine Crystal Kayak by The Crystal Kayak Company

Are you prepared to go out on a unique and exhilarating water adventure? The Crystal Kayak Company’s Genuine Crystal Kayak is the only option you need. This outstanding kayak caters to a wide range of activities and riders, promising a singular and unforgettable experience on the sea.

The Genuine Crystal Kayak is a masterpiece of creativity and sturdiness, expertly crafted and made for single and double riders. This kayak’s crystal-clear transparency, made possible by the use of premium Lexan material, enables you to fully experience the fascinating underwater environment that lies underneath your kayak. Every paddle trip opens a portal to nature’s beauties and provides an unmatched connection to the watery world.

The model, appropriately dubbed the Crystal Explorer X2, emanates a timeless and classic aesthetic. With its roomy two-seat configuration, you may enjoy kayaking with your preferred adventure partner. This hybrid kayak/canoe is your best option for exploring the great outdoors, whether you plan to paddle along calm rivers, explore tranquil lakes, or explore the coast.

The Genuine Crystal Kayak is adaptable for a range of water sports. Are you a fisherman looking for peace on the ocean while you throw your line? When fishing, the Crystal Explorer X2 offers a solid platform that makes for a smooth experience as you reel in the day’s catch.

Businesspeople, take attention! The Genuine Crystal Kayak is ideal for both private excursions and the chance to launch your own rental company. Give your clients a unique opportunity to enjoy the delights of our transparent kayaks while you profit from this one-of-a-kind offering. You may feel safe in your purchase thanks to our 2-Year Manufacturer Defect Warranty.

Everything you need for a successful kayaking adventure is included in the package. The corrosion-resistant frame and components assure sturdiness and lifespan, while the two adjustable seats make sure you and your buddy can paddle in comfort. Two aluminum paddles are included, which guarantees simple water navigation.

Due to the importance of safety, the package includes two floatation devices and covers, which provide extra buoyancy and peace of mind while you are on your excursions. Additionally, the two skegs help the kayak track better, enhancing your paddling enjoyment.

The Genuine Crystal Kayak, offered to you by The Crystal Kayak Company, is 133″L x 33.5″W x 11″H and is the pinnacle of excellence. Whether you’re an experienced kayaker or a first-time adventurer, this kayak, which caters to unisex-adult users, offers exciting times on the water.

Genuine Crystal Kayak by The Crystal Kayak Company


Nothing compares to a real Crystal Kayak made by The Crystal Kayak Company for kayaking. We take great pride in creating kayaks of the greatest quality, and with our unwavering dedication to perfection, we stand out as a top brand in the sector.

Our kayaks’ core strength is the use of premium Commercial Grade materials. The 6mm thick 100% pure Spanish Imported GE Lexan with UV Protection Hull is one such outstanding material. This state-of-the-art hull material guarantees unmatched toughness, endurance, and wear and tear resistance. Therefore, you can rest confident that our kayaks can manage it all with ease whether you’re paddling through tranquil freshwater lakes or exploring the huge expanse of salty ocean seas.

We carefully selected corrosion-resistant metal frames and components to go with the sturdy shell. These elements provide an additional degree of durability, enabling your Crystal Kayak to withstand the elements and keep its immaculate state for years to come.


Despite the fact that the idea of a transparent kayak might sound fantastical, we have made it a reality. Imagine paddling in crystal-clear waters while admiring the fascinating undersea environment; it is an experience unlike any other. You and your loved ones can now explore aquatic wonderlands and immerse themselves in the amazing beauty of the underwater world thanks to our Genuine Crystal Kayak.

Years of research and development were devoted to the persistent pursuit of perfection as we worked to design a kayak that not only delivered unmatched transparency but also fulfilled the highest requirements of toughness and performance. The Genuine Crystal Kayak, a true tribute to our devotion to innovation and excellence, is the end result of our constant commitment.

Our Genuine Crystal Kayak is the perfect travel companion, whether you’re looking for an exhilarating journey on a picturesque lake, a peaceful retreat to a remote cove, or an adventurous exploration of coral reefs and marine life. Our kayaks ensure that your experiences on both freshwater and ocean are nothing short of extraordinary because they are made with commercial-grade materials, such as the sturdy 6mm thick 100% virgin Spanish imported GE Lexan with UV Protection Hull.


The Genuine Crystal Kayak from The Crystal Kayak Company is the best when it comes to versatility on the water. With its novel kayak/canoe hybrid design, our Single/Tandem Kayak for Adults and Kids provides unmatched flexibility for all your aquatic experiences. Our Crystal Kayak has you covered whether you’re going on a peaceful solo adventure, a wonderful tandem cruise, or an exhilarating kayaking vacation with your canine friend!

Our innovative design’s uniqueness rests in its versatility. Do you require a solo kayak for quiet reflection? Delivering is the Genuine Crystal Kayak. Looking for a tandem ride to enjoy paddling with a special someone? Look nowhere else. Our kayak easily adapts to your unique needs, making it the ideal option for families and parties of all sizes.

Our Crystal Kayak is the ideal travel partner for anglers, according to fishing enthusiasts. You may concentrate on the excitement of the catch without worrying about toppling over because there is enough room and stability. Our kayak’s adaptability goes beyond the realm of traditional kayaking, accommodating a variety of aquatic pursuits.

Kayaking with your animal companion? No issue! The Genuine Crystal Kayak welcomes the excitement of canine paddling by providing enough space and stability to comfortably fit your canine companion.

The high sidewalls of our Crystal Kayak provide a practical purpose in addition to enhancing its remarkable appearance. Even in slightly turbulent waves, they provide a safe and comfortable ride, preventing any spillover that can ruin your day on the lake.

Furthermore, we recognize the need of having enough storage space while on your outings. No matter what gear you need to make the most of your time on the water, whether it’s a backpack, beach towel, action camera, snorkeling equipment, or anything else, our kayak has plenty of space to store it.

For all water enthusiasts, the Genuine Crystal Kayak represents the spirit of adventure and versatility and offers countless opportunities. Our Crystal Kayak is prepared to go above and beyond your expectations, whether you’re looking for quiet seclusion, family time, exhilarating water sports, or a special kayaking adventure with your canine companion.


The Genuine Crystal Kayak from The Crystal Kayak Company is a comprehensive adventure package that guarantees wonderful adventures on the water. When you choose it, you are not simply buying a kayak. This package has been painstakingly planned to make sure that every element of your kayaking trip is easy, pleasurable, and hassle-free.

A pre-assembled GE Lexan with UV Protected Hull will be included in your order, laying the groundwork for a sturdy and clear kayak that enables you to explore the wonders of the ocean with unparalleled clarity. Even after spending numerous hours in the sun, your kayak will still look brand new thanks to the hull’s exceptional strength and UV resistance.

Your kayak’s sturdy aluminum frame and corrosion-resistant hardware give yet another level of dependability. This sturdy frame, built to resist the rigors of varied water environments, offers outstanding stability and support throughout your journeys.

We provide two completely adjustable seats for people looking for shared experiences on the lake. These chairs give you and your kayaking companion individualized comfort and ergonomic support, guaranteeing that you can paddle for hours on end. If you want to travel alone, all it takes is the installation of one seat to convert this kayak into the ideal single rider craft.

We are aware of the value of properly engineered paddles for simple maneuverability. In order to reduce fatigue and increase efficiency as you paddle across the water, each Genuine Crystal Kayak kit includes two lightweight aluminum paddles.

Our primary priority is safety, so we include two safety floats in the box to give you peace of mind. These floats enhance buoyancy, improving the stability of the kayak and adding an extra measure of safety for both inexperienced and seasoned paddlers.

A skeg is also included in the kit to improve your kayaking experience even further. The skeg is essential in helping the kayak track better, making it simpler to stay on course and requiring less effort to paddle against currents.

Genuine Crystal Kayak by The Crystal Kayak Company

Genuine Crystal Kayak by The Crystal Kayak Company

Specification: Genuine Crystal Kayak by The Crystal Kayak Company


Crystal Clear





Item Weight

‎47 Pounds

Product Dimensions

‎133"L x 33.5"W x 11"H

Warranty Description

‎2 Year Warranty from Manufacturer Defect.

Model Name

‎Crystal Explorer X2


‎The Crystal Kayak Company

Included Components

‎2 Adjustable Seats, 1 x Corrosion Resistant Frame and Hardware, 2 Aluminum Paddles, 1 Lexan UV Protected Hull, 2 x Floatation Devices and Covers, 2 x Skegs

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Genuine Crystal Kayak by The Crystal Kayak Company
Genuine Crystal Kayak by The Crystal Kayak Company
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