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Attwood® Shock-Absorbing Transom Saver

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The Complete Guide to Choosing the Attwood® Shock-Absorbing Transom Saver

If you’re a passionate boater, you know that protecting your outboard motor is a top priority. After all, a damaged motor can lead to expensive repairs or even put you dead in the water. That’s where having a high-quality transom saver can make all the difference. A transom saver is a must-have accessory that supports and absorbs shock from your outboard motor while trailering. Without one, the force and vibration from the road can place serious strain on your transom over time. This can cause cracking, loosening of bolts, and other damage if left unchecked. The Attwood® Shock-Absorbing Transom Saver is one of the most trusted and effective transom savers on the market. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about choosing the right Attwood® transom saver for your boat.

An Overview of the Attwood® Shock-Absorbing Transom Saver

Attwood® is a leading brand in marine accessories with over 58 years in the industry. Their transom saver is designed to be robust yet flexible, keeping your outboard stabilized and protected. This transom saver works by using a spring-loaded design to absorb road shock that would otherwise transfer directly to your transom. The adjustable toggles with replaceable pads conform exactly to your transom’s shape. This distributes force evenly and prevents excessive stress concentrations. The Attwood® transom saver is constructed from durable materials like marine-grade stainless steel. This prevents corrosion and provides long-lasting performance you can rely on season after season. Some of the key features and benefits of the Attwood® Shock-Absorbing Transom Saver include:
  • Works great with motors that have hydraulic trim/tilt – No interference with tilt mechanisms. Fits a wide range of motor types.
  • Helps keep engine and steering stabilized when trailering – Prevents motion that can loosen steering components.
  • Spring-loaded design absorbs shock and reduces transom wear – Prolongs transom life by damping vibration and impact.
  • Supports cantilevered weight when lifting outboard – Bear the motor’s weight to take pressure off transom when tilting.
  • Adjustable toggles have replaceable pads for lasting use – Get the right customized fit and easily replace pads when worn.
Keep reading to learn more about the features and benefits of this exceptional transom saver.

Key Features and Benefits of the Attwood® Transom Saver

Choosing the right transom saver involves understanding the key features that affect performance and durability. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top features of the Attwood® Shock-Absorbing Transom Saver:

Works Seamlessly With Hydraulic Trim/Tilt

Outboard motors with hydraulic trim/tilt allow you to raise and lower the propeller in the water to adjust running angle. This improves performance and fuel efficiency. The Attwood® transom saver is designed not to interfere with your motor’s trim/tilt function. The cradling arms flex properly as you tilt the motor up or down without restricting movement. This versatility supports a wide range of motor types and brands. You can rely on seamless operation of your hydraulic tilt to get the best positioning while motoring or trailering.

Keeps Steering Stabilized When Trailering

Trailering your boat means subjecting it to bumps, vibration, and motion. This can strain the steering system if your outboard is not properly stabilized. Excess motion when trailering can loosen fasteners, cause misalignment, or lead to other issues with your steering and control cables. The Attwood® transom saver keeps your motor firmly in place to prevent the motion that jeopardizes steering components. Consider this a must-have if your local roads and highways tend to be rough.

Absorbs Shock With a Spring-Loaded Design

The spring-loaded design of the Attwood® transom saver is what makes it such effective protection against the punishing forces of trailering. Without shock absorption, each bump would transfer directly to your transom. The repeated impact stresses the transom and can eventually crack or damage the fiberglass. The integrated shock-absorbing springs compress to dampen the load when hitting bumps or dips in the road. This cushioning action reduces wear and tear on the transom up to 3 times better than ordinary transom savers. Protecting your transom prolongs its life and retains the structural integrity of your boat. You’ll have peace of mind that collisions with potholes or other road hazards just got a little less jarring.

Supports Cantilevered Weight When Tilting

As you tilt your outboard motor up, the weight of the engine shifts from being straight down to being cantilevered out from the transom. This places serious stress on the area. The Attwood® transom saver has adjustable arms that support the weight of the motor as it tilts upward. This relieves upward pressure on the transom so you can operate the tilt function without overloading the transom. The LAST thing you want is to crack or split your transom just from tilting your engine. By bearing the cantilevered load, this transom saver prevents damage and makes tilting your outboard safer.

Adjustable Toggles With Replaceable Pads

No two transoms are shaped exactly alike, so a custom fit is crucial for stability and shock absorption. The Attwood® transom saver has adjustable toggles that slide to conform to your transom’s dimensions. Simply loosen the wing nuts and position each arm so the pads align flush with the surface. The pads themselves are also replaceable when they eventually wear down. New pads can be ordered and easily swapped in to restore a tight fit as needed. Having this adjustment range and replaceability ensures you can dial in a perfect custom fit. It also makes the Attwood® transom saver last for many boating seasons to come.

How to Select the Right Transom Saver

With an overview of the features and benefits, it’s time to look at the key factors to weigh when selecting the right transom saver. Consider the following criteria:

Weight Rating

Be sure to choose a transom saver rated for at least the full weight of your outboard motor. Undersizing could allow excessive movement or even failure under load. The Attwood® model is available in weight capacities up to 250 lb, 500 lb, or 800 lb to properly match your motor. Measure the total weight at the transom before ordering.

Adjustment Range

The toggle arms need to extend far enough to align with the outer edges of your transom. Measure across to determine the ideal reach. Attwood® transom savers come in sizes from 27″ – 36″ adjustable range. Opt for their largest 36” model if unsure, as it fits the widest variety of transoms.

Durability of Materials

Transom savers take abuse from road impacts, moisture, and weathering. A durable construction is required to endure years of use. Marine-grade stainless steel, aluminum, and powder-coated steel stand up to corrosion. The Attwood® model is designed not to rust or degrade even in coastal environments. Also inspect the spring covers and fastener quality. Attwood® uses robust fasteners and welded spring housings to prevent loosening.

Shock Absorption Ability

The whole point of a transom saver is cushioning the blows from potholes, expansion joints, and other jolts. Look for ** effectively engineered springs** like the Attwood® model has. Its springs compress to dampen shock, rather than just rigid arms that transfer every bump.

Ease of Use

Select a transom saver that is quick and simple to install and adjust. The Attwood® version has wing nuts on the toggles for easy tightening by hand to set the position. Also ensure the design avoids interference with your tilt mechanism. The Attwood® model maintains clearance so you can tilt up your motor unimpeded.

Reputation & Warranty

Established brands like Attwood® offer years of proven reliability in marine accessories. Their reputation gives confidence in the product quality and durability. Attwood® also backs their transom savers with a 1-year limited warranty. This demonstrates their commitment to a long useful life for the product.

Installing and Using Your Attwood® Transom Saver

Once you’ve selected the right Attwood® transom saver for your boat, it’s time for installation. Here’s a step-by-step guide to properly mount and adjust it:

Step 1 – Position on Transom

The ideal mounting location is the upper corners of the transom. This provides optimal support when trailering. On flat-surfaced transoms, center the pads vertically between the top and bottom edges. For curved transoms, position the pads slightly above the midpoint so they make firm contact.

Step 2 – Adjust Width

Loosen the wing nuts and slide the toggle arms outward until the pads align flush with the transom edges. Leave a 1/4” clearance between the pads and motor clamp screw heads. Then tighten the wing nuts securely by hand.

Step 3 – Attach Security cables

Wrap each security cable around a tie-down point on the motor. Pull cables snug and tighten the buckles. This retains the engine if the transom saver spring integrity is compromised. Always use both cables as a backup precaution.

Step 4 – Verify Clearance

Fully tilt your motor up and back down. Confirm adequate clearance from the transom saver for full tilt operation. Adjust toggles outward slightly if needed until unimpeded tilt motion is achieved. With the installation complete, getting years of service comes down to proper use and maintenance. Here are some key tips:
  • Inspect pads before each trip for wear, cracking, or looseness
  • Clean with fresh water after saltwater use to prevent corrosion
  • Lubricate spring coils annually with marine grease
  • Gradually increase torque on wing nuts if arms loosen over time
  • Replace pads every 2-3 years or when excessively worn
Taking care of your Attwood® transom saver will protect your transom and outboard for the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size Attwood® transom saver do I need? A: Choose a transom saver rated for at least the full weight of your outboard motor. Measure across your transom width to determine the required arm reach. Attwood’s 36” model fits most average transom widths. Q: Why does my transom saver vibrate when trailering? A: Excess vibration indicates the pads are not making flush contact. Adjust the arms so the pads press firmly against the transom surface to stabilize the motor. Q: Do I need a transom saver on short trips? A: Yes, the shock from bumps and vibration still occurs even on short distances. Use your transom saver on any trailering trip to protect the transom over the long term. Q: Can I adjust the springs to be stiffer or softer? A: No, the spring stiffness is set by the manufacturer and cannot be adjusted. Choose the correct weight rating for your motor rather than trying to alter the springs. Q: Should I grease the springs or pads? A: Avoid grease on the pads, as it attracts abrasive dirt. The springs can be lubricated annually with marine-grade grease to prevent squeaking. Wipe off excess after application. Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact Attwood® customer support for advice regarding setup, troubleshooting, or replacement parts for their transom saver products.


Adding an Attwood® Shock-Absorbing Transom Saver is one of the wisest investments you can make to protect your boat and motor. The spring-loaded design absorbs punishment from the road to prevent cracking or damage to your transom. Attwood’s robust toggle arms keep your outboard stabilized and immobile while trailering. This prevents steering components from being compromised. Plus the adjustable design and replaceable pads provide a custom fit for the life of your boat. With over 50 years experience producing top-quality marine accessories, Attwood® is a brand you can count on. Their transom saver has durability to withstand years of use and the features to properly safeguard your expensive outboard. Protecting your boat is about peace of mind. Choosing the right Attwood® transom saver gives confidence that your motor is supported on every trip near or far. Your transom and outboard deserve the best – treat them to an Attwood® transom saver today!

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