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Marine Raider Easy-Lift Trailer Jack

Marine Raider Easy-Lift Trailer Jack

Lift With Ease Using the Marine Raider Easy-Lift Trailer Jack

Hitting the open road with a trailer in tow opens up new horizons for adventure. But trailering comes with its hassles too – namely hitching, unhitching, and maneuvering a heavy load. A reliable trailer jack makes handling your cargo much easier.

The Marine Raider Easy-Lift Trailer Jack takes the backache out of hitching up. With its durable aluminum construction, wide wheel accommodation, and versatile mounting, this jack lifts where you need it.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how the Marine Raider jack can simplify your trailer needs. Whether you’re loading jet skis, transporting ATVs, or hauling a camper, read on to see how this trailer jack takes the work out of working with a trailer.

Lift Where It Counts

Lift Where It Counts

Trailer jacks come in two main styles: wheel-mounted or axle-mounted. Wheel-mounted models lift the trailer at one point along the perimeter, while axle-mounted jacks lift along the central axle.

The Marine Raider Easy-Lift is an axle-mounted jack designed to raise the trailer by the central frame. This lifts the entire chassis evenly, keeping the cargo level and stable. The axle also tends to be the strongest, most reinforced part of the trailer – ideal for bearing heavy loads.

Wheel-mounted jacks have a tendency to create a teeter-totter effect as the wheel pivots upwards. This can shift the cargo awkwardly to one side. Lifting from the robust axle eliminates that issue and provides a solid, steady lift every time. No more trailers tilting and cargo sliding as you crank it up.

The Marine Raider jack can handle impressive lift capacities up to 5,000 pounds. Since the substantial axle bears the brunt of the weight, you can have confidence in safely raising even heavy-duty trailers loaded with gear. This versatile jack takes the stress out of trailering.

Constructed of Hardworking Aluminum

Constructed of Hardworking Aluminum

Lots of cheap trailer jacks are made from thin steel that bends and corrodes after minimal use. But the Marine Raider Easy-Lift features a body constructed from high-grade anodized aluminum for lasting performance.

The rugged aluminum alloy provides exceptional strength and durability while still keeping the jack’s overall weight manageable. At just over 7 pounds, it’s light enough for one person to maneuver and install without excessive effort. Yet the thick aluminum has the heft and stability to handle years of regular cranking without warping.

Aluminum also resists rust far better than ordinary steel. That means no flaky orange corrosion weakening the jack even when exposed to rain, humidity, and snow. Feel confident keeping this jack mounted on your trailer in all conditions without degradation over time.

For extra smooth operation, the screw thread rod is sheathed in plastic to prevent metal-on-metal grinding. The Marine Raider jack performs crank after crank because of thoughtful touches like this.

Made to Handle a Range of Trailer Sizes

Made to Handle a Range of Trailer Sizes

With trailers ranging from small dirt bike haulers to giant fifth wheel campers, one jack can’t fit all. That’s why the Marine Raider Easy-Lift is engineered to accommodate trailer wheel diameters from 8 to 15 inches.

That range covers small single-axle trailers as well as heavier tandem axle models. As long as your trailer tires fit within those dimensions, you can bet this jack can handle it. No need to second-guess whether your wheels meet a minimum or maximum.

With adjustable height and flexible trailer fit, the Marine Raider jack is at home behind a classic teardrop camper, bass boat trailer, RV toy hauler, or any trailer in between. Wherever adventure calls, this jack has capacity to spare.

Of course, always double-check your specific trailer’s specs before purchase. But the wide wheel range of this jack makes it compatible with the majority of non-commercial trailers on the road. Lift your toys with a jack that can keep up.

Mount It Your Way

Some jacks stow by lying upside down on the trailer tongue. But this gets in the way when trying to hitch and unhitch. It also exposes the inner mechanisms to dirt and grim, inviting premature wear.

The Marine Raider Easy-Lift is designed to mount directly to your trailer frame with included hardware. Out of the way but still easily accessible, keeping the jack mounted protects the inner workings. It also frees up room on the tongue for hassle-free hitching.

With strategic placement on the trailer frame, you can mount the jack to lift on the driver’s side or passenger side as needed. Whether you prefer cranking from the back or front, this jack provides flexibility.

It can also be mounted horizontally to lift from the top down. The versatility to mount upright, sideways, or inverted lets you customize based on your trailer configuration and personal preference. Installation takes just minutes with basic mechanical skills and included hardware.

Key Questions About the Marine Raider Trailer Jack

Considering a new trailer jack stirs up lots of questions before hitting checkout. Here are answers to some of the most common queries about the Marine Raider Easy-Lift model:

How is the weight capacity determined?

The 5,000 pound capacity is rated for lifting when the jack is mounted in the ideal vertical position. Capacity decreases with horizontal mounting.

Does the jack require assembly out of the box?

The Easy-Lift comes pre-assembled. You only need to mount it onto your trailer frame.

Where is this Marine Raider jack manufactured?

Marine Raider products are manufactured in China to strict specifications. Quality control occurs in the US.

What warranty coverage does Marine Raider provide?

The jack is backed by a 1-year limited warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship. Wear parts like screws are excluded.

Can I use this jack in a completely vertical orientation?

The jack is designed for horizontal or angled use. Fully vertical mounting is not recommended and may lead to premature failure.

Master Your Trailer With Marine Raider

If your trailer adventures involve frustrating episodes of cranking, tilting, and struggling just to hitch up, the Marine Raider Easy-Lift Trailer Jack can transform your experience. With sturdy axle-based lifting, broad wheel accommodation, and flexible mounting options, this versatile jack takes the hassle out of handling a trailer.

The durable aluminum build gives you reliable lifting strength that endures year after year. Mounted out of the way when not needed, the jack is always ready to provide a steady, stable lift when it’s time to hook up. Don’t dread hitching day – let Marine Raider lend a hand. Your next adventure awaits!

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