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Keep Your Truck Looking Sharp with the Carhartt Nylon Duck Bench Seat Cover

Your truck’s interior takes a beating from daily use. Mud, grease, food crumbs, and spilled drinks can quickly make your bench seat look grungy. For work trucks that are your mobile office, you need durable and reliable protection. Enter the Carhartt Nylon Duck Bench Seat Cover – the perfect way to defend your seats against the elements and keep your truck looking as sharp as the day you bought it.

Known for rugged and reliable workwear, Carhartt builds that same durability into products like the Nylon Duck Bench Seat Cover. Constructed with 85% 500 denier nylon canvas blended with stretch ponte panels and nylon webbing, it’s designed to withstand years of use. The triple needle stitching adds reinforcement at vital stress points. No matter how much you or your crew hops in and out, it won’t rip or tear.

About the Carhartt Brand

Carhartt has over 130 years of experience making rugged workwear that stands up to the most demanding jobsites. They apply that same relentless durability to their line of seat covers. While lesser known than their iconic work jackets, their seat covers provide that trustworthy Carhartt reinforcement. Whether you’re a construction foreman, a landscaper, or a journeyman plumber, seeing that Carhartt label means quality.

Overview of the Nylon Duck Bench Seat Cover

This cover is specifically sized to stretch and conform to most standard truck bench seats. The blend of 500D nylon canvas and spandex-like ponte fabric allows it to fit benches securely while still feeling comfortable. The four corner straps go around the bottom and back of the seat to keep it taut and prevent slipping.

The rain defender treatment enables water resistance by causing moisture to bead up on contact. It will protect against light rain and water spills without getting soaked through. Don’t expect it to keep you dry in a downpour, but it excels in light to moderate precipitation. The durable nylon canvas naturally resists absorption as well.

Some key dimensions:

  • Fits bench seats up to 65 inches wide
  • Seat bottom width ranges from 52 – 65 inches
  • Seat bottom length ranges from 22 – 24 inches
  • Seat back height ranges from 20 – 24 inches

This covers the vast majority of standard bench seats you’ll find in most trucks, SUVs, and work vans on the road. It may not work as well for certain oversized or custom benches. But for most applications, you get a consistently secure fit.

What’s Included

True to Carhartt’s working class roots, the Nylon Duck Bench Seat Cover comes ready to work right out of the box. There are no extra accessories or pieces to install. Just take it out, stretch it over your bench seat, and secure the four corner straps. The straps have plastic quick release clasps that make it simple to get a taut fit.

Some cheaper seat covers try to upsell you on extra fastening pieces or fit kits. Carhartt builds that functionality right into the cover itself. The straps conform it to weird seat angles and corners that other slip-on covers can’t accommodate.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Total Protection from Stains and Damage: The durable nylon canvas acts like armor against daily work truck abuse. Spilled drinks, muddy boots, greasy fingers, and destructive pets are no match. It will protect your seat’s fabric against premature fading and tearing.
  • Water Resistant Surface: Carhartt treats the cover with a rain defender finish that makes water bead up and roll off without soaking in. It won’t stand up to a pressure washer, but it will protect against most spills and light to moderate rainfall.
  • Reinforced Triple Needle Stitching: Carhartt built its reputation on rugged double-stitched seams. But they take it even further on the seat cover with triple stitching at vital stress points. Even if you have dogs constantly jumping in and out, those seams will not tear.
  • Snug 4 Corner Fit: The adjustable straps and corner loops conform the cover to fit your bench seat snugly. No shifting, bunching up, or coming loose over time. The combinations of fabrics also stretch to create a second-skin fit.
  • Quick and Easy Install: You can stretch and secure this cover over your bench seat in just minutes. No tools or complicated arrangements of straps and buckles. Just wrap it around the bench frame and cinch down the corner straps.
  • Machine Washable Durability: When the cover needs cleaning, just remove, toss in the washer, and air dry. The heavy duty construction means you can wash it repeatedly without damage.
  • Comfortable Support: The ponte side panels won’t stick to your legs like cheaper all-vinyl covers. Ventilated mesh down the middle enhances breathability.

Key Specs

  • Materials: 85% 500D nylon canvas, 10% ponte stretch, 5% nylon webbing
  • Dimensions: Fits up to 65″ bench width, 24″ seat depth, 24″ seat back height
  • Care: Machine wash cold, air dry
  • Item Weight: 1 lb
  • Brand: Carhartt
  • Model Number: 104828

How to Choose the Right Bench Seat Cover

The key factors:

Types of Materials

  • Canvas – Most durable and stain resistant. Rugged for tough work environments. Not as plush as other fabrics.
  • Vinyl – Also durable with more flexible stretch. Cheaper feeling and traps heat.
  • Leather – Looks great but requires more care. Not as indestructible as canvas.
  • Neoprene – Comfortable wetsuit-like material. Absorbs dampness and oath.

Water Resistance

  • Essential if transporting pets, working in rain, or prone to spills. Coated canvas and vinyl excel here. Leather needs treatments to resist water.

Durability and Longevity

  • Heavy duty canvas withstands rips and retains integrity for years. Frequent machine washing only improves the hide.
  • Vinyl withstands moderate use but shows wear sooner than canvas.
  • Leather looks amazing but scuffs over time if unprotected.

Installation Method

  • Straps offer the most secure fit adjustable to any seat shape. No slipping. Setonce forget installation.
  • Buckles and snap loops are secure but finicky to attach properly. Still adjustable.
  • Slip-on covers are easiest to install but prone to shifting while driving. Contours less.

Comfort and Support

  • Canvas feels firm and substantial. Not as plush as leather or neoprene. Mesh improves ventilation.
  • Leather/neoprene provide cushioning. Trap heat without ventilation.
  • Cheap vinyl is sticky and sweaty, especially in summer.


  • Leather looks most upscale and matches interiors best. Requires care and maintenance.
  • Colored canvas adds personality. Feels utility-focused.
  • Basic black vinyl looks dull. Fades over time.
  • Camo prints make a bold statement and hide stains!

Intended Use

  • Pets, mud, tools, work supplies = canvas for durability and stain resistance
  • Daily driver, kid hauler, road trips = leather/neoprene for comfort
  • Basic protection on a budget = vinyl cover

Brand Reputation

  • Carhartt = durable and reliable
  • Covercraft = custom-fit focus
  • Rough Country = outdoor and off-road oriented


  • $50 – $150 for canvas, $100 – $300+ for leather
  • You get what you pay for in materials, stitching, fit


  • Verify real customer experiences before purchasing
  • Look for durability, fit, and ease of installation feedback


Is the Carhartt seat cover easy to install and remove?

Yes, the four corner straps allow you to get it installed snugly in just a few minutes without tools. The straps conform it to the specific bench shape. Removal is just as easy by unclipping the straps.

Can you machine wash the Carhartt seat cover?

Yes, it can be removed and machine washed cold. Make sure to air dry thoroughly before re-installing. The durable materials can handle frequent washing.

Does this cover protect against any liquid spills?

The water resistant treatment will protect against light spills and drips. It’s not impervious though, so heavy spills will still soak through over time. But it provides much more protection versus an uncovered bench.

How long will the triple stitching hold up?

The triple reinforced stitching will realistically outlast the rest of the cover materials. It’s incredibly durable, even with heavy daily use. You can expect it to last for many years without any seam failures.

What size bench seats will this cover fit?

It’s designed to fit most standard bench seats between 52” – 65” wide and 22” – 24” front to back. The four straps allow it to conform to this range, but unusually large or small benches may not work.

Is there any padding in the Carhartt seat cover?

No, it doesn’t contain any foam or padding. The durable canvas and ponte stretch fabric provide a firm but comfortable seating surface once installed tightly over the bench cushion.

Can this seat cover protect against pet accidents?

Yes, the water resistant canvas construction and triple stitching is extremely effective at containing pet fur, dirt, and even urine accidents. It’s easily removable for washing too. Much better than exposed upholstery!


If you rely on your truck for work every day, protect your investment with the Carhartt Nylon Duck seat cover. Its rugged build quality, rain resistance, and reinforced seams will defend against years of abuse. Customers consistently praise its durability and protection in harsh jobsite conditions. For only around $100, why risk uncovered seats over a small upfront investment? Your backside and your vehicle will thank you!

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