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Blend Into Your Surroundings with the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Tactical Camo Seat Cover

Blend Into Your Surroundings with the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Tactical Camo Seat Cover

Whether you’re an avid outdoorsman or someone who just wants a touch of rugged tactical style, the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Tactical 2.0 Camo Seat Cover is a great choice. This durable canvas seat cover allows you to protect your upholstery while sporting a versatile camo pattern inspired by elite forces.

Created in partnership with Kryptek, the covers feature the distinctive Banshee camo print known for blending into mixed environments. It combines shades of gray, brown, black, and sage green to disguise shape and movement. If keeping a low profile is your goal, this seat cover gets the job done.

About the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation

About the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation

This exceptional seat cover is licensed by the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. Chris Kyle was a highly decorated Navy SEAL sniper who served four tours in Iraq and became known as “America’s Deadliest Sniper”. After leaving the military, he dedicated his life to helping fellow veterans adjust to civilian life.

Unfortunately, Chris was killed in 2013 by a troubled veteran he was trying to mentor. To honor his legacy, Chris’ wife Taya Kyle established the foundation to carry on his work empowering military and first responders. A portion of each seat cover sale goes directly to the organization.

The Kryptek Connection

Kryptek is an innovative camo designer known for patterns like Highlander, Nomad, and of course – Banshee. Their multi-environment camo is carefully engineered to perform in a wide range of terrain with a unique 3D look. Teaming up with the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation allowed Kryptek to showcase their tactical Banshee pattern on an everyday product that gives back to veterans.

Overview of the Tactical 2.0 Seat Cover

Overview of the Tactical 2.0 Seat Cover

Constructed from durable canvas with a camo print wrap, this seat cover is sized to stretch over most standard front or rear seats. It slips on easily to protect your upholstery from dirt, scuffs, pet fur, and daily wear. While the camo exterior hides you, the interior protects your seats!

The canvas features a rubberized grip texture on the bottom to prevent any slipping or shifting. Once installed, it stays firmly positioned even over rough terrain. Despite the ruggedness, it can be removed and tossed in the washing machine when dirty.

What’s Included

The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Tactical 2.0 Camo Seat Cover comes ready to install out of the box. No extra pieces or hardware required. Just stretch it over your standard front or rear seat and you’re ready to blend into your surroundings!

Key Features and Benefits

Key Features and Benefits
  • Protects Upholstery: The durable canvas construction prevents premature fading, stains, scuffs, and damage to your seat’s upholstery.
  • Kryptek Banshee Camo: This multi-environment print obscures shape and blends you into surroundings with a 3D photorealistic effect.
  • Fits Most Seats: Designed to stretch over and conform to most standard front and rear seats. Looks integrated.
  • Non-Slip Bottom: The grippy rubberized coating prevents slippage on seat bottom so the cover stays firmly positioned.
  • Quick Installation: Just slip the stretchable cover over your seat and you’re concealed in seconds thanks to the simple one-piece design.
  • Machine Washable: The cover can be removed and washed in cold water to keep it looking fresh. Tumble dry low.
  • Durable Construction: The canvas material and reinforced stitching resists rips, tears, and abrasions even under rough use.

Key Specs

  • Dimensions: Stretches to fit most front/rear seats
  • Materials: Canvas construction
  • Care: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
  • Brand: Chris Kyle Frog Foundation
  • Item Weight: 1 lb
  • Camo Pattern: Kryptek Banshee

Choosing the Right Tactical Seat Cover

Choosing the Right Tactical Seat Cover

Here are the key factors to consider when shopping:

Intended Use

  • Concealing vehicles for discrete transport or surveillance
  • Outdoor recreation like hunting, camping, or off-roading
  • Prepping/survivalist vehicles and bug out bags
  • Camouflaging equipment and vehicles for military drills

Camo Patterns

  • Kryptek Banshee or Neptune for mixed environments
  • Realtree patterns mimic specific biomes and vegetation
  • Digital camo for urban environments

Snug Fit

  • Prevents slippage that could reveal position and compromise concealment
  • Integrated look as if camo upholstery is factory installed


  • Rugged canvas or neoprene stands up to field use and elements
  • Reinforced stitching prevents seam failures

Water Resistance

  • Repels rain, snow, and moisture from compromising concealment
  • Allows use in all seasons and weather

Easy On/Off

  • Stretchable construction slips over seats quickly as needed
  • Makes transferring between vehicles and storage quick

Non-Slip Coating

  • Rubberized grip texture prevents shifting while driving
  • Stays firmly anchored in position

Machine Washable

  • Keeps cover looking fresh by removing dirt, debris, and grime
  • Restores concealment when faded

Brand Reputation

  • Trusted manufacturers like Rothco, Under Armour, and 5.11 Tactical
  • Camo brands like Realtree, Kryptek, Multicam

Price Range

  • $50 – $200+ depending on materials and features
  • You pay for durability, proprietary camo patterns

Customer Reviews

  • Real user feedback on concealment performance
  • Look for notes on fit, slippage, and washability

Optional Add-Ons

  • Storage pockets, MOLLE panels, hook/loop patches on some models
  • Built-in magazine pockets, rifle sleeves


How durable is the camo seat cover canvas?

The canvas is thick and rugged, built to withstand field use and repeated machine washing. It resists rips, abrasions, and tears far better than standard upholstery fabric.

Does the camo pattern actually help conceal your vehicle?

Yes, the Kryptek Banshee pattern is engineered to mimic natural backgrounds and obscure shape. It performs exceptionally well at distances over 50 yards. Up close, it provides camouflage texture.

Is the non-slip bottom coating effective?

The rubberized coating does an excellent job gripping the seat to prevent any shifting or slippage while driving. Customers report the covers stay firmly in position.

What size seats will the Chris Kyle seat cover fit?

It’s designed to stretch over and accommodate most standard front and rear seats. Measurements like 60″ wide x 20″ deep generally work well.

Can you wash pet fur and dirt out of the cover?

Yes, it can be machine washed cold and tumble dried low. Dirt, hair, and stains wash out easily so it looks fresh again.

How easily does the cover slip on and off the seats?

The stretchy canvas slips over seats in seconds thanks to the one-piece design. It installs and removes in moments as needed.

Where is the camo seat cover made?

Chris Kyle Frog Foundation seat covers are designed in the USA and printed domestically. However, the raw canvas itself is sourced internationally.


The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Tactical 2.0 Camo Seat Cover allows you to protect your upholstery in style. Its Kryptek Banshee camo pattern obscures shape while the durable canvas prevents fading and damage. And sales support veterans in need. For tactical applications or just wanting a rugged new look, it’s a great choice built to last.

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