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Add Country Style with the Hooey American West Steering Wheel Cover

Add Country Style with the Hooey American West Steering Wheel Cover

Cruising down a two-lane highway, wind in your hair and sun on your hands, it feels good to be behind the wheel. But on blazing hot summer days or frigid winter mornings, grabbing onto the steering wheel can be uncomfortable at best and painful at worst. An insulated steering wheel cover provides a more enjoyable driving experience.

The Hooey American West Steering Wheel Cover brings both style and comfort to your ride. With its stylish western-inspired design, padded construction, and universal fit, this wheel cover from Hooey enlivens any standard steering wheel while making it easier on your hands.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore all the features that make the Hooey American West cover a top choice to upgrade your vehicle’s interior. Read on to learn why driving is better with this eye-catching and functional accessory adorning your wheel.

Protection and Padding in One Package

Protection and Padding in One Package

Ever hop into a sun-baked car and burn your palms on the hot steering wheel? Or shiver through an ice-cold winter morning commute gripping a frozen wheel? Temperature extremes can make driving downright painful, especially on bare steering wheels.

The Hooey American West cover insulates your hands against temperature swings thanks to its durable and padded construction. The combination of thick, grippy padding and a full coverage design provides a thermal barrier between your skin and the wheel itself.

No more flinching from scalding-hot leather or fingers frozen numb – the padding keeps the wheel surface comfortable year-round. The material also absorbs vibration and softens hard plastic wheels for a more comfortable drive over time. Your hands will thank you.

In addition to temperature regulation, the cover also protects against wear and tear on your steering wheel’s surface. Oils from skin, dirt, and everyday use takes a toll on leather and plastic over time, wearing down the material. The Hooey cover takes the brunt of daily wear so your wheel stays looking pristine.

Making a Stylish Statement

Making a Stylish Statement

Many wheel covers on the market are plain black and boring. But your vehicle’s interior should showcase your personal flair. With its bold western-inspired pattern in shades of brown, ivory, and turquoise, the Hooey American West cover makes a stylish statement perfect for any cowboy, cowgirl, or country music fan.

The distressed leather look and brightly colored stitching give the cover a rustic, vintage vibe. Prominently embroidered across the bottom is the Hooey logo, tying it to their popular brand known for contemporary Western apparel and accessories.

While the western design immediately grabs your eye, the neutral color scheme complements most vehicle interiors. Whether your seats are black, gray, brown, or ivory leather or fabric, this wheel cover injects personality while matching well.

The Hooey American West cover lets you exhibit your unique sense of style while upgrading your interior. Upgrade the look and feel of your ride in one quick accessory change.

Universal Fit For Most Vehicles

Universal Fit For Most Vehicles

With so many makes and models on the road, custom-fit accessories for each one are hard to find. But Hooey designed their American West cover for universal compatibility with most standard steering wheels.

The cover is specially sized to stretch and conform to wheel diameters ranging from 15 to 15.5 inches – which covers most trucks, SUVs, vans, and passenger cars on the market.

Before purchasing, do double-check your vehicle’s steering wheel measurement to ensure the Hooey cover will fit. As long as your wheel diameter falls within the specified range, you can have confidence this cover will securely wrap and fasten. No need to struggle with a loose or ill-fitting accessory.

The cover attaches easily with a series of tabs that slide into notches behind the wheel and snap securely together. Installation takes just seconds – simply stretch the cover over your wheel and press to fasten the tabs. No tools or complicated maneuvering required.

Thanks to its clever construction, the Hooey cover brings custom-looks combined with convenience. Express your style in any vehicle with wheels sized 15 to 15.5 inches in diameter.

Key Questions About the Hooey Wheel Cover

Key Questions About the Hooey Wheel Cover

Upgrading your interior decor with a bold new steering wheel cover sparks lots of practical questions before pressing purchase. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Hooey American West model:

Is there any way to permanently secure the cover?

The snap-together tab design allows the cover to be removed or changed out when desired. There is no permanent attachment method.

Will it interfere with airbag deployment?

The cover is designed for compatibility with airbag systems. Always check your vehicle manual to confirm.

Can I machine-wash the cover if it gets dirty?

Hooey recommends spot cleaning by hand only to preserve the embroidery. Machine washing may damage the logo over time.

Where is the Hooey cover manufactured?

Hooey products are designed in the USA. Manufacturing takes place in China.

What is Hooey’s return policy if it doesn’t fit my wheel?

Returns must be requested within 30 days. Contact their customer service for details on obtaining an exchange or refund.

Cruise In Country Style With Hooey

The open highway calls – make sure your steering wheel is ready for miles of adventure with the durable, comfortable, and stylish Hooey American West Cover. Its padding protects against temperature extremes so driving is always comfortable. The distressed western design injects personality into your interior.

With quick universal installation, you can easily replace your basic factory wheel with this attractive upgrade suited to any 15 to 15.5 inch diameter wheel. Driving hard or just cruising easy, a great steering wheel cover improves the journey while showing off your unique style. Hooey brings the best of both in a single package.

The road awaits – grab the wheel, put the pedal down, and drive on in cowboy spirit with this eye-catching accessory infusing a touch of the wild west into every trip.

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